12mo screaming inconsolably in the night

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KL92xxxx Fri 09-Apr-21 08:25:41

Hi, my little boy was one last week and whilst he’s never been a great sleeper, unless he’s ill a cuddle or a feed (he’s breastfed) usually calms him down.

However over the last few days he’s woke in the night absolutely inconsolable, throwing his head back and screaming at me almost like he’s in pain, I try to feed him but he refuses, I cuddle him but he still cries, and then as quickly as he started he stops crying, has a a feed and settles down. We woke this morning at 7am and he did it then, absolutely screaming for 5 minutes, wouldn’t cuddle wouldn’t feed, he was just absolutely besides himself and then all of the sudden he just stopped and had a feed and was fine.

He’s recently had an ear infection but is much better now, he’s not got a temperature and he doesn’t do it in the day, only random times throughout some nights. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m worried he’s in pain.

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Fucket Fri 09-Apr-21 08:27:46

My first instinct would be is he cutting a tooth? Lots of saliva? Red hot cheeks, the pressure is worse laying down so they are fine all day.

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