When is it best to stop swaddling the baby?

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harsharan Wed 07-Apr-21 17:43:52

My baby is 9 weeks now and I am just curious to know how and when everybody stop swaddling their babies and how do you know it's the time

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ChelseaCat Wed 07-Apr-21 17:47:42

You should stop when they show signs of being able to roll. We did it in a graduated way - one arm out for a couple of nights then got rid of the swaddle. I was pretty nervous but he did so well!

FATEdestiny Thu 08-Apr-21 21:26:04

If at all possible, keep the swaddle through the 4 month sleep regression, it's very helpful then.

Then gradually start loosening it and having an arm/leg out.

dinochum Thu 08-Apr-21 22:08:57

For safety you need to stop swaddling when they reach starting to roll. There's growsacks you can buy which are snug on the torso but allow arms the freedom baby should have if they are starting to roll over

Tangledtresses Thu 08-Apr-21 22:12:30

When they fight it with all fury in my case 😬

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