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LovesLags123450 Wed 07-Apr-21 08:44:06

My DD is 21months and has been a nightmare when it comes to sleeping.

She wakes up through the night always wants to sleep right next to me. Constantly asking for milk. I just don't know what to do anymore. Iv tried so many different things I'm just so drained.

She stopped sleeping in her cot as she was constantly waking up crying an would not go back in. So I eventually moved the cot right next to the bed an joined it on. So when she falls asleep in my bed I slide her onto the cot. But now soon as she realises she is in the cot she quickly jumps back into my bed and I just can't take it anymore. I have tried CC but literally if she even cries for more than 1 minute she pukes up so I can't do that again. I just don't know what to do anymore ? Someone anyone please advise ?

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FATEdestiny Wed 07-Apr-21 13:35:33

Getting her sleeping independently in the cot from cosleeping is a big jump. She's likely to fight it and find it distressing.

The gentle way to do this would be to keep the sidecar cot (I assume tfats what you mean) and instead of her coming to you to cuddle, you go to her. If you have the side off the cot and your mattress heights match, you should be able to fit your torso in to the cot (with waist down on your own bed). So cuddle/cosleep with her in there, then extract yourself without moving her once she's asleep.

The quicker and less gentle options will involve a lot of distress (hers and probably yours too). So you need to have the emotional resilience to cope with that before starting. Its ok if you don't feel strong enough for it yet, but half-doing it then giving in will likely make matters worse. So if you do this, you have to be consistent and see it through.

If you don't like CC (where you leave her alone for a few mins at s time), you could stay with her yo comfort her in the cot. She won't be any less distressed, but at least you're there trying yo comfort her.

The idea would be you comfort her through all her distress, but comforting her in the cot. Then over the coming weeks/months slowly reduce how much comforting you need to do to help her settle.

LovesLags123450 Wed 07-Apr-21 13:44:39

@FATEdestiny Thank you so much for replying I really appreciate it.

I have tried to actually lay with her in the cot as the cot is joined to our bed with the side off and is same height. But she will just sit up an constantly crypointing at the bed.

But I do agree I think that's the best way forward to jus lay with her an keep comforting her. Controlled crying is very very difficult with her because she always pukes up. I will most defo try this tonight with me just laying in the cot with her an reassure her.

Again thank u so much! Xxxx

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