Breast feeding to sleep

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MLR35 Mon 05-Apr-21 15:00:17

Thank you so much for reassuring me and replying @Sandrine1982 - it's really appreciated xx

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Sandrine1982 Mon 05-Apr-21 12:36:58

Don't worry too much - September is still a loong way and lots if things will happen with her development. If I were you I would start working on breaking the feed to sleep association gently, but don't stress over it, she will get there and it will be progressive. For us the 8-9 months were horrendous. Then 11 months was quite bad as were travelling. However as soon as she started walking and going to nursery full time at 12 months, she started doing longer stretches of sleep. At 14-15 months started sleeping through quite reliably and still does now at 19 months, with the occasional wake-ups due to teething. And I'm still breastfeeding - I have no idea how I managed to keep it up this long!!! Good luck xxx

MLR35 Mon 05-Apr-21 10:49:40

So....I am torn as to whether or not to sleep train my 8 month old little girl as I am getting super anxious about when I return to work in September (she'll be 13 months then) and her being in nursery full time.

We've tried a bottle previously and she wouldn't take it. We've tried dummy's and she's not a fan. She tends to chew the side of then instead.

I have read controlled crying methods and I'm not sure I could do it. I don't ever want her to cry and think we won't be there for her.

I also want to continue to breast feed until she's 1 and move over to cows milk and avoid formula all together.

I love the cuddles and naps but do get stressed some days when I get nothing done!

The current situation is:


- she has two naps a day roughly an hour to 1h30 if on me, or 45 mins - 1h in the carrier or the pram.
- feed to sleep for 75% of naps where she sleeps on me, usually in the lounge.
- other naps are in a pram or carrier and she will put herself to sleep usually by singing
- attempted recreating night time for naps, but would last 10 mins max in the cot then wake up crying. Husband works from home and nursery is right by office so couldn't persevere with it.


- routine in place since around 4 months - book downstairs, bath, change, feed, bed.
- in her own room at night (since 5 months) in a cot bed.
- she is always fed to sleep at night and usually sleeps in 4-6 hour chunks. We've had a few 8-9 hour stints too where she sleeps through from 10/11pm
- once asleep she will go down well in the cot and sleep.
- we have black out curtains and play continual white noise through the night & use Ewan on the shhhing and heart beat mode.
- we tried a bottle but she didn't take to it at all.
- she drinks water from a doidy cup at meal times. I'm looking at introducing a weighted straw cup.
- I've seen her self settle and wake slightly during sleep so I know she can do it.
- when she wakes she will get up on all 4s tock forward and back, do 360 degree turns and stop horizontally across the cot bed and usually bang her head or feet.
- when she is put on the boob at night she instantly goes back to sleep and will be up no longer than 20 mins. I tend to wait until she comes off herself, but have sometimes put my finger in to remove my nipple.

The issue is when it's bad, it's bad. We had a 10 day stint of being up every 1/2 hours and it kills me as everything is on me and I'm not sure how I would cope with this working full time. Also worried how she'll cope at nursery...

If you've got this far thank you. I've just googled and read so much my head is frazzled!

Has anyone else been in this position?

Does anyone have any success stories of not sleep training?

Any gentler sleep training success?

How do you stop feeding to sleep?

Any comments/advice/ideas/success stories are welcome!

Thanks for reading! smile

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