The day I managed to settle my baby in the cot and not in my arms!!!

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Peridotty Mon 05-Apr-21 00:53:44

I just managed to settle my 10 month old baby for the first time IN THE COT for the first time ever. She then slept 7 hours straight. She has been a terrible sleeper since birth waking up every 1.5-2 hours til now. I didn’t do any sleep training. I am so happy. grin To all those tired mums and dads out there, it does get better!!

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jessstan2 Mon 05-Apr-21 04:22:55

That is wonderful, a real breakthrough. Long may it last!

cantbeforeal Mon 05-Apr-21 05:46:41

My baby had never slept anywhere but in my arms until he was 12 months and one day he fell asleep in the pushchair whilst I was hoovering, he's gone in there for naps ever since that day and it's amazing to now have an hour of freedom in the day 😂

Minkies13 Mon 05-Apr-21 15:43:32

Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today.

DD1 was always great at putting herself to sleep. I didn't have to do anything.

DD2 is almost 5 months and the effort I go to to put her to sleep is exhausting. I often wonder if it'll ever get better.

FTEngineerM Mon 05-Apr-21 15:44:25

wine congratulations bet you feel like a new woman

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