Sleeping in own room 15/16months

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AliceTheCamelHasFiveHumps Sun 04-Apr-21 17:38:10

DD is almost 16m old.shebhas slept next to my bed since birth, and recently in the last few months or so, when she wakes, she's been coming in with us around midnight, because she'll be inconsolable.

We have removed the need for milk to sleep by watering down and replacing with water, now water is now gone... But can't get past needing mum.

We tried putting her in he town room 3 nights ago. But she wakes up and cries until we go in and see her.
She has a floor bed.

So, instead if her just coming into bed with us, we're going in and lying with her ...which kind of defeats the purpose...

And last night at 3, she'd woken, got upset and toddled to her door and was howling. I brought her to bed in our room, because I couldn't bear to see her that upset.

Should we just give up,out her back in with us?

Keep going to her and putting her back and lying with her? Until (hopefully) she realises this is bed now?

Any advice gratefully received.

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FATEdestiny Mon 05-Apr-21 16:16:56

I would have her in your room until she has learnt to spend the whole night in her own bed.

So let her have her bee next to you, but don't let her in yours and establish firm boundaries that she must stay in her own bed all night.

That will be a battle, so is make the battle easier by not having to flit between rooms during the battle. Once it's firmly established that nightime is always in her own bed all night, then move to her room.

AliceTheCamelHasFiveHumps Tue 13-Apr-21 10:08:55

OK, thank you smile Have moved her bed into our room and will put her in there in the next few days to see how she goes.

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