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Olivebranch5 Sun 04-Apr-21 12:09:44

I'm just looking for a bit of advice really ... my 15 month has been consistently fighting her second nap for a while now so I'm having to admit she's down to 1. The only problem she has never slept for longer than an hour or so at a time in the day which was ok with 2 but when she's only having one and she's just exhausted.
I'd love to be able to extend it but once she's awake she is wide awake and will just happily play in her cot and never resettles.
She sleeps well at night and is having to go to bed about 6pm at the moment because she's exhausted and is always awake but 6am so it's a hell of a long day on one hour, especially because she's always appeared to need a lot of sleep.
I've tried to persevere with 2 naps but it's just not happening so I feel like she's in a tired and frustrated limbo.
Has anyone got any tips for extending the day nap? Or how they dealt with the stage of refusing 2 naps but 1 not being enough?
I'm feeling frustrated because she isn't happy when she's tired.

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FATEdestiny Mon 05-Apr-21 16:30:20

As an interim I would keep the two naps but make your morning nap shorter (and possibly earlier, depending on what time it is now).

So have a 9am nap and wake her at 9.30am. Then don't try for the afternoon nap until 2pm.

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