PLEASE HELP! 18month old stuggling with sleeping at night

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user40619 Thu 25-Mar-21 22:25:33

Please any advice...

My 18 month old is currently in a routine of going to bed very late never asleep before 10pm! He has tea, bath and in his pyjamas and brushed his teeth by 6:30pm he naps once during the day from 11:30/12 to around 3pm. Every night hes awake until atleast 10:30 if not later i have tried everything to get him to sleep early hes even had a new bed, he goes to sleep and at 2am he runs in my room crying to get into my bed. Im due again on the 4th of june and need to try and crack this i cant have the new baby being woken up because of it im tired and ready for bed way before my 18month old is. If i put him back in his bed he never goes back to sleep it gets to a point that hes crying that hysterically hes sick and coughing.

Any advice!! Anything????

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spacegirl86 Thu 25-Mar-21 22:37:38

No advice because I'm in the same boat with my 20month old. I know it doesn't help you but thank you for reminding me I'm not alone! Hope you get a fix soon! thanks

user40619 Fri 26-Mar-21 11:44:37

Feels better know im not the only one🙁! Hopefully it will be solved soon!

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mrsed1987 Fri 26-Mar-21 11:54:37

Have you tried cutting his nap down? My son goes down about 8.30 (earlier if it's a nursery day) up about 7. His nap is 12 till 2. If he sleeps past 2pm he isn't tired

user40619 Fri 26-Mar-21 12:35:35

I havent tried cutting the nap down i feel bad when waking😅 but i will make a start and see if it changes something has too! thankyou for advice

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AbsolutelyCrapuless Fri 26-Mar-21 12:39:52

My son is nearly 17 months and sleeps 7ish- 7ish and naps 11-12.30/1. By 6.30 he is getting his blanky and trying to get up the stairs. I’d try and wake him/ make his nap earlier to encourage an earlier bed time. Agreeing with PP if you’re looking for a 7/8 bedtime I wouldn’t be letting him sleep past 2.

I know if my DS has a crap nights sleep he ends up waking later, napping later and it’s a real ballache to get back on the normal routine but definitely worth it. Sorry if I missed it but what time does he normally wake? The downside for me with 7-7 is if he wakes early (very rare) sometimes I’m getting up at 5.30/6 - normally the day the hun men come and wake him up grin x

stopchewingeverything Fri 26-Mar-21 13:04:34

Totally agree with PP. You need to cap his nap. I would wake him at 2pm. We are doing this with our 23 month old at present and every couple of months we need to go 15 mins earlier, we now have to wake him at 13.15 otherwise he won't sleep.


user40619 Fri 26-Mar-21 13:20:46

Hes currently sleeping at moment for his nap i wouldn’t usually wake him up until he wakes himself which is past 3...i am going wake him up near 2pm and see if it helps. He goes to sleep past 10pm some nights and is up between 8-9. Clearly stuck in a difficult routine and its not doing any good😬

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SRK16 Fri 26-Mar-21 13:25:59

My son is 18 month old- to me your nap timing is off/ too long.

My boy is usually up 6-6.30am, then naps 11.30ish-1.30ish- I usually have to wake him. Usually goes to bed 7.15 and asleep within 20min.
Like another poster mentioned, if he sleeps past 2pm for his nap then bedtime is difficult. He needs roughly 6 hours awake time before bed I think.

However he is still up during the night usually once or twice... 🤪

user40619 Fri 26-Mar-21 20:26:52

8:20pm and my ds is asleep! fingers crossed for the rest of the night😬thankyou for the advice guys

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ElphabaTheGreen Fri 26-Mar-21 20:33:10

Oof. Yes. Nap is way too long and too late. I had two nap rules at around that age - never longer than two hours, never past 2pm. So even if they don’t fall asleep until 1pm, wake at 2pm, hellish screaming be damned (wake him armed with a chocolate digestive). It’s lovely having a long stretch to yourself in the afternoon, but you well and truly pay for it later!

momneedsadviceplz Mon 29-Mar-21 13:13:09

My 20 month old is the same !!! Hopefully it's a phase x

ShatParp Sat 03-Apr-21 21:13:50

Great advice here, I will be capping my boy's nap too!!! @user40619 hope sleeping is going better for you still?

user40619 Sat 03-Apr-21 22:49:21

I stopped naps at 2 and so far hes going sleep between 7 and 8:30 ish never been later than 8:20pm at the moment! Does have a little winge being waken up but seems to be getting used to it now however he still wakes up in the middle of night around 3am, definitely grateful for advice has helped @ShatParp

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