12 week old baby sleep schedule

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SABDELLAHI Tue 09-Mar-21 22:36:45


Hope you are all well. I'm FTM

Can the mums share with me what their 12 week old baby's sleep schedule is/used to be ?.

Most days : Currently my DS last feed is at 10 pm, during the night 2.30 am (5.5 oz formula milk feed) back to sleep by 3 am in his cot then wakes up at 6.30 am (5oz formula milk feed) and asleep until 8 am in his cot then we bring him into our bed and he will sleep additional hour on his dads chest.

Really good night (only did this for a week) : 10 am feed sleep in cot by 10:20 am (have to keep DS upright for 20 mins after feed) then he will wake up at 3.30 am and is back down at 4. Am and wakes up at 6.30 am for feeds.

Bad day: doesn't sleep until 4 am and is up at 7am to start the day

Naps during the day are terrible he won't sleep anywhere but on me. He can go an hour and half sleep on my chest but as soon as I put him down in cot his up within 20 mins lol . Surprisingly he doesn't fuse at night he goes straight into the cot.

Has anyone's baby slept through the night by this age ? I heard from relatives their children slept through by 12 weeks lol. I'

Having a good bedtime routine is good but my boy hates bath time , he screams bloody murder when we massage him and also gets bored of us reading a book to him . We tried to get routine by 10 weeks old bath-massage-bottle-cot. However it was a nightmare . It seems my baby had a witch hour between 8pm to 10 pm every night so we moved his bedtime routine which only consist of change of diaper/clothes , wash face, and swaddle in blanket which we do in a super fast pace as my DS screams the house down when he knows it's bed time lol. Does it get any easier the bed time routine I would to massage my baby and him being comfortable and sleepy lol

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sleepslikeababy Wed 10-Mar-21 05:17:26

It sounds like you’re doing a great job!

I know some babies in our extended family slept through from 2-3 months. Mine is 8 months and never has. I think it really depends on the baby. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will hopefully get longer stretches 🤞🏼. But your LOs current night wakings seem 100% normal!

RE: naps. Mine slept on us three times a day for two hours at a time at that age. Same as you, couldn’t be put down. I started putting him in the sling and walking around for most of the naps so I wasn’t sitting in a chair all day. Then one day I put him down in his cot cause I had to do something quickly and he stayed there. Now he takes great naps in his cot every day.

For bedtimes, I also wanted to try baby massage to relax my LO, but it’s never worked for us. He loves his bath but then as soon as you start getting him ready for bed he gets really annoyed lol. Doesn’t cry, just growls at us until he gets his milk. So it’s always a rush to get him dressed so he can have his milk even though he can’t be starving hungry as he’s very recently been fed!

SABDELLAHI Wed 10-Mar-21 12:44:53

Hi @sleepslikeababy

Thanks your your response.

How does your little boy sleep ? Do you have to put him down drowsy or do you have to put him to sleep fully before transferring him into his cot.

My little one used to be so good and fall asleep by himself since he was born but in the last couple of weeks he has to be put to sleep and then transferred into the cot. We rock our boy to sleep now.

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sleepslikeababy Wed 10-Mar-21 19:50:13


We put him to sleep and then put him in the cot. He has never been able to be put down awake. Now that he’s older sometimes he’s very drowsy and then he’ll do the rest himself...but never wide awake.

If your LOs sleeping habits have recently changed, you might be nearing a sleep regression. It’s temporary so if it does hit, just ride it out!

SABDELLAHI Fri 12-Mar-21 02:16:01

Hi @sleepslikeababy

Help please !

My boy who is currently 12 weeks old is waking up every 3 hours a night for feed ! Which mean he has a feed at 10 pm and is put to sleep at 10.35 pm and is up again for feed at 1.30 am. I was used to 10.00 pm feed, slept by 10.30 pm and awake for feed at 3 am. But now feed is every 3 hours . I'm so tired . Any advice ? Is it sleep regression?

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