5 month old suddenly won’t sleep in cot - Help!

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Calendulan Tue 09-Mar-21 04:29:21

My 5 month old is currently teething, can see bottom and upper two working their way through.

She’s been miserable for the last week with deteriorating sleep. The last two nights, she just screams if we try and put her in her cot. We’ve tried everything - including awake but drowsy with lots of comforting and putting her down once in a deep sleep (she instantly wakes up). I’ve resorted to letting her sleep on me and staying awake most of the night, with DH taking her in the morning so I can get some sleep.

This is obviously not sustainable and she’s usually a good-ish sleeper.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, did your LO go back to sleeping in the cot eventually? On my knees at the moment as day time naps also a struggle.

I’ve tried medication and topical treatments. Neurofen and Anbesol do seem to offer relief, but still unable to put her down.

I know teething is a wave that just needs to be ridden, but also just need reassurance that she will go back to sleeping in her cot?!

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arepa Thu 11-Mar-21 20:24:32

No advice but following as we’re in exactly the same situation - hope you’re ok, it’s so tough!

ireneadler101 Fri 12-Mar-21 10:55:48

We've been in the same position too, and this week, DS1 has miraculously started going down in his cot again. We did nothing in particular to make this happen.

Calendulan Sat 13-Mar-21 06:07:00

@arepa We actually had two better nights after I wrote this. She still woke up a few times but would go back in her cot. Last night however, she went down fine, but woke at about 1am and then just would not be put down again. Really frustrating. Hope you’re ok too and seeing some improvement?

@ireneadler101 Glad to know things straightened out for you. I’m praying for the same!

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