How long to settle in own room?

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ml01omm Mon 08-Mar-21 14:40:44


Just wondering how long it took your DCs to settle into their own room?

We moved DS into his own room for overnight sleep, a few days ago. ( He has been having his day time naps in his own room for several weeks, and has been changed in there twice a day since he was born, so is familiar with the room).

His sleep has gone to absolute pot for the last few nights. He is just shy of 7 months, and he had started sleeping some longer stretches again, post 4-month regression and now we are back to 1-2 hourly wake ups and being hard to settle in the night ( sometimes awake for up to an hour at 2am etc)

Has anyone else experienced this when they moved the baby to their own room? Did it last long?

Not sure if its the room or his age!

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