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Where can I buy a sleepsuit...

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Jacksmybaby Tue 06-Nov-07 10:13:01

... that's the equivalent warmth to a sleeping bag (i.e. worn over PJs and replaces a blanket) for a 9 month old? As he's just pulling himself to standing in the cot, his sleeping bag is now a nightmare as he gets his feet tangled in it and falls over, crashing into the cot bars! And no chance of getting him to stay under a blanket! So I need some sort of thick outer sleepsuit, with feet so he can't get caught up in it, iyswim.

MrsBadger Tue 06-Nov-07 10:35:33

fleece sleepsuit

can't remember where sells them though blush

shrinkingsagpuss Tue 06-Nov-07 10:37:06

BHS sell them.. well have done in the past. Lots of department stores sell them.

{hijacks} - Hello Mrs Badger!! How are you doing? Growing Bagpuss here!!

DynamiteDaisy Tue 06-Nov-07 10:38:38

mothercare have some nice ones in at the moment.

Nbg Tue 06-Nov-07 10:38:49

I am whispering this after the ethical clothes shop thread yesterday


Primark have some lovely fleece sleepsuits in for £3.
I bought one for my ds and its gorgeous. Really warm and a bargain!

DynamiteDaisy Tue 06-Nov-07 11:46:47

do you put the fleece sleepsuit over a normal babygro, or just a vest, or both? I got a couple as hand me downs from my BIL but am worried that DD will overheat in them.

Nbg Tue 06-Nov-07 11:56:11

Depends on how warm her room is and what she sleeps under.

If she isnt going to have any blankets on her then I would say stick a bodysuit on underneath.

If shes under blankets then just go with the sleepsuit.

Jacksmybaby Tue 06-Nov-07 13:56:02

Nbg you are a genius... just been out to Primark and bought 2 of the fleecy suits (oh and a few other things I couldn't resist! grin) DS has always been a Tesco baby so Primark babywear is a v exciting new revelation (actually much nicer, and cheaper, than Tesco). Think I will put him in a short-sleeved vest, PJs and the fleecy thing, as the material isn't as thick as the sleeping bags - though has arms so warmer in that way I suppose.

DynamiteDaisy Tue 06-Nov-07 14:00:39

ta NBG smile

nimnom Tue 06-Nov-07 14:06:42

Have you tried verbaudet?

Evenhope Tue 06-Nov-07 14:10:46

They are called walk-in sleepers BTW.

In our family they have always been called Smarts grin

Nbg Wed 07-Nov-07 08:21:35

glad to be of some help grin

I love the one I got ds and looks so snug in it!
Luckily I bought it at the weekend and we were staying at my BIL's whose house is freezing on a night so it kept him nice and warm.

colditz Wed 07-Nov-07 08:26:02

Woolworths sell fleece sleepsuits, but I bet you could get cheaper.

dreyfusirn Thu 11-Apr-13 14:19:57

For me this website is the best eBay . Especially love their shipping policy…

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