22m old sleep - nothing is working

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SEE123 Thu 04-Mar-21 02:31:40

I've posted before both about DS allergic reactions causing disturbances and general sleep issues.

I've tried everything and anything including CIO with no success (co-sleep, different temp, different bedding, feed to sleep, shush pat, retreat). Occasionally if i hold him he will fall asleep on me but even that is working less and less, and if I put him down it's game over. Given I can't sleep sitting up this is also unsustainable.

Falling asleep is usually no problem but within a few hours we are up. He has been howling the house down for the last 2.5hrs. Don't know how much longer this can continue.

Not sure why I am posting again except that I feel like my head might explode otherwise

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Ceejay14 Thu 04-Mar-21 02:44:19

The sleep deprivation from knowing you’ll be up for hours night after night is horrible isn’t it.

I don’t think i’ve read your past threads, so do you mind me asking how his allergies are impacting sleep? We’re early on in diagnosis of a similar sleep issue - we spend up to 3 hours a night trying to help her release trapped wind. Doctors are helping us now, but haven’t got anywhere with why she’s in such pain every night. She’s 14 months.

Sorry, know this post doesn’t give you any advice. But sending sleep deprived solidarity!

SEE123 Thu 04-Mar-21 03:26:13

Sorry to hear you're also having sleep issues @Ceejay14
The constant anxiety of will it be 1hr or 3hr or the whole night is really getting to me too

He has an intolerance to cows milk protein and soya. One of the first symptoms to present when he has eaten something he shouldn't have is a disturbance in his sleep pattern. Refusing naps and waking through the night. It's rarely the only symptom though. Excessive wind is a current symptom, so would be really interested to hear how you're investigating that.

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Ceejay14 Thu 04-Mar-21 03:41:46

That’s interesting. I think my daughter must have an intolerance to something but we’re early on in our diagnosis so beyond a food diary, nothing has been done with this. I don’t see anything that makes sense in it though, as she can sleep through the night after having a dinner that was followed by 3 hours of screaming the week before.
At the moment she’s on Movicol in the hope that will help her bowels to get rid of the gas. I think it’s toned down the pain she’s in, but we’re still here 2 hours later trying to get a fart out so she can go back to sleep!

SEE123 Thu 04-Mar-21 21:46:05

@Ceejay14 I found this thread today:

Toddler with trapped wind at night http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/childrens_health/713896-Toddler-with-trapped-wind-at-night

I found it quite informative. I hope tonight is kind to you. I'm running an experiment after ready through that thread today. Basically gave DS his bottle slightly earlier and no full evening meal (don't worry - he's been at nursery and had something substantial at 4.30 - we aren't starving him). Then did bicycle legs and tummy massage to try and get any wind out straight after bath. Then let him run around to get his wriggles out. I don't want to get too hopeful but he went to sleep within 20 mins, and though he has already woken up, he put himself back to sleep! Hoping that it's the start of the tide turning.

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Ceejay14 Fri 05-Mar-21 05:23:06

Thanks for sharing the thread. I’ll look at a few things on there to see if they help us. We’ve been up for an hour so far, now feeding her and slowly getting the farts out. I hate the clock watching though, knowing my alarm is going off in 2 hours

SEE123 Sat 06-Mar-21 10:33:37

@Ceejay14 good luck. Feel free to pop back on this thread at any time, even for a handhold. I know it's tough. It's almost like you think it's in your head.

An update from us: last night he went down without a peep at 7.45 and made it to 5am! This is singularly the best nights sleep we have had in months. I'm going to continue on the fodmaps foods; specifically avoiding oats, bananas, grapes, sprouts, garlic, onions and much smaller portions within 2 hours of bed time. So far so good!

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Ceejay14 Sat 06-Mar-21 12:34:13

@SEE123 great news about last night! Ours was one of the better ones, she slept 11 to 6 with an hour awake 10-11 to get the farts out. I’ve just spoken to the GP and they’ve doubled her movicol to 2 a day, as they think it could be poo related. Who knows though! I’m now working out how to get a second dose into a breastfed baby who won’t drink it from a cup as she doesn’t like the taste. I’d got the morning dose sorted as it’s the exact amount that a weetabix absorbs (it needs to be mixed with 60ml water so it’s a tricky one if there’s no bottle of milk to put it in!)

Ceejay14 Wed 10-Mar-21 07:19:27

@SEE123 how are you getting on? We changed her milk time last night and had a much better night. She’s always been fed to sleep (she’s breastfed) but I did milk an hour before bed then took her back downstairs to play. She got some of the farts out running round. Getting her to sleep for the first time without being fed to sleep was a bit tricky, 30 mins of angry baby while being rocked and cuddled. Then she woke up once due to wind but it came out easily and she was back to sleep within 45 mins. So she did 8-1 then 1.45- now (if she doesn’t wake up on her own I’ll have to wake her soon for the school run). So it seems we haven’t found the cause of the wind but have at least (hopefully) found a way to make the nights better. Let’s hope it wasn’t a one off!!

SEE123 Thu 01-Apr-21 20:39:52

Sorry @Ceejay14 I missed your reply in my sleep deprived state. We haven't progressed much since we last spoke, but I am pleased to hear that you had a tiny success with adjusting feeding time. Did your good fortune continue? I've finally cracked co-sleeping so that's our last resort. Probably creating a bigger problem than it solves, but I couldn't continue on no sleep. Still night waking but much much better than before.

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Ceejay14 Thu 01-Apr-21 21:12:03

Glad that co-sleeping is helping you. Sleep definitely needed!
We’re doing consistently a bit better. She’s not fed to sleep anymore and we’ve also night weaned. We had a bad night last night but that was the first long wake up for a couple of weeks. Last night it was 2.5 hours, otherwise its been under 1 hour. The doctors have decreased the movicol so I’m hoping it’s not a consequence of that.

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