Toddler/Nap/Bedtime issues

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Redruby2020 Wed 03-Mar-21 18:00:39

So my DS is 3 now, can go straight through without a nap, but because of one thing and another, and I guess what has suited us until now, plus I am a SAHM and he is yet to start nursery, he was going to bed around 8.30pm, but since we moved and on own juggling it all, it's 9pm ish, I think 8.30 is reasonable if we can get back to it.
But the issue is he can go all day and stay awake, then wants to sleep at 6pm! Well that is too early for the night, and certainly too early to even try to make in to a new bed time, if you was out and then have to come back and make tea, it is too late!
But he wants to have a sleep then, then wake up and would then be up as he has been until 11-12pm!
If he doesn't fall asleep and sometimes it's hard to stop him, he will go down to sleep at his usual sort of time.

I'm inclined to leave it in one sense and it means he is rested and just has to have a longer evening, and I can cook etc in leave, but then worry because although I know it would all change in the future once he is in day care etc, it's not practical for him or for me, far too late for him to eventually want to sleep again for the night, and means I have to stay up right until the end then am exhausted.

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FATEdestiny Sun 07-Mar-21 15:01:20

If he's tired at 6pm I would just try to jolly him through and then make bedtime 7.00pm or 7.30pm

grey12 Sun 07-Mar-21 15:15:47

Sounds like mine!

I'll tell you what: they do like routine! It's the one thing I found people are right! But it doesn't need to be a show and a dance though!! We do bath at different times different days, for example

We go up to the bedroom at around 8 with a small bottle of milk. Read a book, sing a couple of songs and say goodnight. After a few months the kids SAY THEMSELVES that it's bedtime confused

When DD2 has a nap at that time we wake her up after 20/30 min and still do roughly same bedtime. She sometimes stays awake but we do insist they staty in the bedroom with the light off (they have a star projection and a night light)

Redruby2020 Sun 07-Mar-21 16:06:21


If he's tired at 6pm I would just try to jolly him through and then make bedtime 7.00pm or 7.30pm

I know that's what I have thought of trying to do at times, but it's hard when trying to cook etc and keep their momentum up, and I am on my own, so I have often ended up delaying bed time because trying to finish stuff off, I know that's not fair and I have felt bad sometimes thinking right I better stop in a minute as he needs to go to bed.
Yeah I don't do bath's all the time, it's not necessary. But yeah bed time saga could go on and on lol.
Have just got next bed up from cot, getting bits for it and then that will be the new routine getting him used to his own room.

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grey12 Sun 07-Mar-21 17:09:20

Good luck OP!!

I moved my kids to their own room at around 2yo.

Best advice I can give you is to do the routine and enjoy it, give plenty of hugs and kisses, songs, prayers, wtv and then say goodnight and go. Yes I have ended up spending quite some time sitting outside the bedroom door saying "mummy's here, go to sleep" (take a pillow!!) but it works. Before that I tried the more common ideas and it was a stress. I kept trying to get away from the kids, trying to avoid cuddles sad

Tbh I wanted a dark room but had to concede to a kind of bright night light and then a star display (timed, then it goes off). Kids can get scared and makes things more difficult

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