Bedside cribs after c section

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Inkpaperstars Wed 24-Feb-21 10:04:32

I am looking into sleeping options for a newborn and was thinking about a bedside sleeper like the snuzpod, but then I wondered...if you are recovering from a c section will it be difficult and painful to kind of shuffle down the bed to get out, since the snuzpod or similar crib will be blocking you from just getting out normally? Has anyone found this to be an issue or non issue? Thanks

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blitzen Wed 24-Feb-21 10:08:03

Hello, OP. I had an emergency C section and I had to separate the next to me crib from the bed and just use it as a standalone crib. It was still next to me but I had a gap big enough to put my feet on the floor to get up. We ended up just keeping it that way even when I healed.

Inkpaperstars Wed 24-Feb-21 16:22:28

Thanks @blitzen, that actually really helps me because I have been unsure whether to get one that folds down and fixes to bed or just a small crib/cot that can be near bed. It sounds like the latter might be just fine if there is a chance I won’t use the folding/bed attaching anyway. I don’t know for sure I am having a c section but it is looking like a strong possibility! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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addler Wed 24-Feb-21 19:16:48

I had the same problem, so used the bassinet from the pram which is safe for overnight sleeping for the first couple of months. DS is 11 weeks now and just about to put the beside crib there instead

frozenita Wed 24-Feb-21 19:39:45

I definitely found I couldn't shuffle down the bed for quite a few weeks after my EMCS. So DH and I swapped sides and he would pass me the baby from the snuzpod when she woke. I slept propped up by big cushions behind my back for weeks.

mrssunshinexxx Wed 24-Feb-21 19:42:46

I'm same as @blitzen I left it like that for about 3 months x

MustStopSnacking28 Wed 24-Feb-21 19:44:11

I also swapped sides with my DH and he just passed me DS, it was basically impossible to get out otherwise I found! That was only for about a week though and then I felt ok. I really found it was worth it, DS fitted in the Cozee one until 8 months so definitely got our money’s worth too.


Inkpaperstars Thu 25-Feb-21 10:55:48

Thank you everyone, it’s really helpful to hear your experiences. I hadn’t really realised DP would have to be waking to assist so much but it makes sense! I am a bit torn between a snuzpod and getting the Stokke mini and just putting it next to the bed. It doesn’t have the fold down aspect or incline, but it is on wheels so could be pushed aside and moved to other rooms for naps as we are in a small flat.

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TonightMatthew Thu 25-Feb-21 10:58:33

We had the next to me attached to the bed and I had c sections with both of mine.

It is hard at first, even reaching over to lift them out is hard never mind getting in and out of the bed. I found it only took a week or two of needing help to be able to carefully manage it myself. I really loved having the bedside crib and the zip down side.

TonightMatthew Thu 25-Feb-21 10:59:36

I do like the idea of one on wheels!

Any idea of the size of the baby? Mine were both enormous and lasted ages in the next to be as it's very roomy. They lasted about 5 minutes in the Moses basket/carrycot.

Inkpaperstars Thu 25-Feb-21 11:10:57

I am 34 weeks and last had a scan at 33 which showed baby to be average size. I do have gestational diabetes but so far all scans have been average size, middle percentile.

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Babyboomtastic Sat 27-Feb-21 07:01:50

2 planned sections here, and with our first we seperated the bedside crib for maybe about 5 days, and didn't need to with our second. With my first, I slept on the sofa for the first part of the night for the first few days whilst my husband slept and then took baby upstairs in her Moses basket art about 3am, and then he did the rest of the night whilst I slept. After about 5 days we just started in the room together but kept the same pattern. Bi didn't have any trouble getting baby in moses basket up the stairs in that first week, which probably shows just how great I found c section recovery to be :-)

peaches19 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:09:37

I've had two c sections and both times I swapped sides with my husband and he had the next to me on his side for the first few weeks. I couldn't have done the night wakings by myself in the first week or two - I needed him to do the nappy changes and winding and it was nice to have the moral support with establishing breastfeeding.

PrincessesRUs Sat 27-Feb-21 07:17:38

Snuzpod is good for this as you don't have to fix it to the bed - you oh can push it up to the bed really easily, not like next to me which is fixed

Bear2014 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:20:47

Yes we had a Snuzpod but had to detatch it from the bed for a few weeks so I could get up. DS was huge though, born 11lb so I ended up moving into his room at 3 months. So it was a waste of time for us.

bytheby Sat 27-Feb-21 07:26:57

planned c section recovery tends to be much quicker than emergency. I had a snuzpod and only needed help shuffling about for first 5 days or so.

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