New Tunbridge Wells mum - help!

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Wimbledoncovidmum Mon 22-Feb-21 07:50:28

Morning all

We move to Tunbridge Wells in March to a place called Mill Farm Close, which I think is near Speldhurst . Had to do online viewings and use Google Earth to get a sense of the area due to this wretched Covid situation.

Really would love some advice on whether there is public transport down Broomhill road which seems to be the main road down to Mill Farm Close. Looking basically to see how easy it is to get to the house from Tonbridge / TW / High Brooms station
( yes,,, would have been ideal to have checked this BEFORE renting ! But it wasn’t really a concern until we had to factor in childcare )

Thank you all x

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neonnights Mon 22-Feb-21 07:56:36

Hi there, join tunbridge Wells mums on fb and ask there smile

Speldhurst is nowhere near tonbridge is all that I can add grin

Ifailed Mon 22-Feb-21 08:01:02

I don't think so, you'd either have to walk to Speldhurst or St John's Rd, the A26. Broomhill rd is a narrow lane.

Wimbledoncovidmum Mon 22-Feb-21 08:26:23

@neonnights thank you - have just joined now based on your suggestion

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Wimbledoncovidmum Mon 22-Feb-21 08:29:56

@Ifailed oh no! Those are fair distances to walk aren’t they?

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Ifailed Mon 22-Feb-21 11:51:00

If your user name is anything to go by, you are in for a shock when it comes to public transport in TW (or anywhere else in Kent). It's way more expensive than London, run by separate companies so no buying a day/season ticket that covers your area & the frequency is shit.
If you are used to walking, then the distances involved aren't too bad, but as I said Broomhill rd is basically a one track lane and the locals don't seem to expect anyone having the temerity to actually walk on them.
You might want to look into getting a bike if you don't want to drive.

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