Intuitive Baby Sleep Program

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pikkukettu Sun 21-Feb-21 19:59:59

Does anyone have any experience of this program?

From the little bit of info I’ve got from the website it seems much more relaxed than other programs like Little Ones, but I can’t seem to find out much about what it actually involves. It seems quite pricey at around £50 so I’m reluctant to spend money on it without more definite info or hearing other people’s experiences.

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bubs765 Mon 22-Feb-21 14:51:08

It seems more like it gives just information rather than a set schedule. From what I gather it just tells you to be baby led, providing lots of sensory stimulus and feeding well and letting sleep take care of itself rather than trying to get baby to sleep at a certain time or on any kind of schedule. I never bought it but this is the approach we took and it has worked well for us. Baby's will take whatever sleep they need as long as no health problems is the baseline I think.

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