How to drop from two naps to one

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Yolo773 Sun 21-Feb-21 19:49:46


When did your baby drop to one nap?

I have a 12 month old that is resisting his PM nap. He eventually falls asleep but is now woken up so he doesn’t sleep too late into the afternoon (about 4pm). So this is not ideal. It’s been going on for over a week or so.

Help please!

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FATEdestiny Tue 23-Feb-21 15:52:00

18 months is the average age to move from 2 nap days to 1 nap days. But just as some babies will be still having 2 naps until near their 2nd birthday, others may make the change not far past their first birthday. So 12m is a perfectly reasonable age for this transition.

Push the morning nap later on days where you're going for 1 nap. So have a very busy morning.

During the transition you will still have days with 2 naps, but on these days limit the length of the morning nap to allow for the afternoon nap.

An example would be:

Day 1 - 9am nap waking naturally at 12pm and grumpy from 4pm. Not good.
Day 2 - 9am nap, woken up at 9.45am and kept active and busy. 2pm nap, woken at 3.30pm
Day 3 - 9am - 9.45 nap. 2pm-3.30/4pm nap
Day 4 - Busy morning. Very early lunch. No napping until 11am, leave to sleep as long as needed.
Day 5&6 - back to 2- nap days at 9-9.45 and 2-3.30/4
Day 7 - try another 1 nap day with a bust morning and early lunch.
Day 8&9 - 2 nap days
Day 10&11 - 1 nap days
Day 12 - 2 naps
Day 13/14/15 - 1 nap
Day 16 - 2 naps
Day 17/18/19/20 1 nap, pushing lunch and sleep time gradually later. The ultimate aim wants to be a 12pm-12.30 lunch and 12.30-1pm nap.

It's not set in stone, this is just to give you an idea. On days when he's more tired and grumpy, still give 2 naps but limit the morning nap and expect the afternoon nap to be later (meaning bedtime will be later). Then as time goes on have mire 1- nap days and fewer 2- nap days.

Yolo773 Wed 03-Mar-21 15:52:44

Thank you for your reply (sorry mine is late)
We’ve had two day naps (PM nap is still staying awake but resting) and I’m slowly pushing the morning nap every 15 mins or so every few days.
Hopefully it works!!


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