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fistasledge Mon 22-Feb-21 08:45:18

We used sleeping bags from 4 months but before then used swaddles. It seemed to be better for our baby who loved the feeling of being wrapped up.

You can just use blankets or there are swaddle pouches that also work well.

I think newborn is a little early for a sleeping bag. Not necessarily from a safety view but just making sure they are warm and comfortable

potatosalad1 Mon 22-Feb-21 08:42:45

Thank you everyone. Those responses are very reassuring so well keep it.

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Amanduh Sun 21-Feb-21 20:50:29

The ‘fails’ from mainstream shops are really not fails. Long label, not enough warnings about don’t use them with a duvet (duh) the zip too easy to open so an older baby might open it and scratch their hand.. ridiculous. Any sleeping bags from reputable high street shops are fine. Just as long as baby is big enough for their head to not slip through the neck holes. My babies have massive heads so never been a problem 😂 sleeping bags are a lifesaver and so much better than blankets safety wise but you may need blankets with a tiny newborn for a couple of weeks until they are big enough. Tu have some of the nicest ones, 2nd baby in and 1st baby was in them for 3 years, we’ve tried them all!

FizzingWhizzbee123 Sun 21-Feb-21 14:11:04

The Which report was ridiculous. Things like the label being 0.1mm too long 🙄 I’d avoid places like Wish etc, but big brands are fine. We have several sleeping bags from Tu which are well made and safe.

Comefromaway Sat 20-Feb-21 23:36:21

To give some perspective the worse failures were bags bought on Amazon, Etsy & Ali Express. The mainstream bags that “failed” were all for relatively minor issues and were mostly manufactured before the standards were updated.

So I’d stick to reputable shops rather than these small, individual sellers.

Daisysandviolets Sat 20-Feb-21 23:25:42

All of DD sleeping bags are from Sainsbury's as the previous poster has said just do the checks yourself in regards to the head hole 😊 I didn't put her in sleeping bags until about 10 weeks

pursuedbyablackdog Sat 20-Feb-21 11:00:37

I think 0-6 months might be a bit big on a newborn, I had a 0-3 months which fitted perfectly (dd was a teeny baby though) ds was a bigger baby and only used the 0-3 months for few weeks before moving up to 0-6.


Yummymummy2020 Sat 20-Feb-21 10:38:03

At our baby classes they suggested using just the cellular blankets for the first few months then the sleeping bags later on, I felt better doing this as it gave baby a bit longer to get a bit bigger.but a few checks yourself like making sure the neck bit isn’t too big that the baby could slide into it is def wise!!!

potatosalad1 Sat 20-Feb-21 10:16:29


We have a baby on the way, due in July and it's at the point where we have some very excited grandmothers-to-be wanting to buy lots of nice things!

My mum recently bought me this sleeping bag - which is very generous of her! However, we've been reading about safety concerns with an alarming number of Sleeping Bags (Article on Which) and wanted to be 100% sure whether this passed all the safety checks or not.

I saw that Sainsbury's updated their sleeping bags in 2018 and that they now conform to BS EN 16781. Is that enough for be to be totally sure it's safe? Or is there anything else to consider? Obviously the risk would be small but, of course, we don't want to take any risks at all!

Thanks a lot!

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