14 month old slept all night last night- how???

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Kate3150 Sat 20-Feb-21 06:47:19

My DS usually wakes around 3 times a night. We are just about to start sleep training, but last night he slept 7.20pm-6.20am- no wake ups!!
It probably won’t happen again but just wanted to share my joy LOL xx

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ProperVexed Sat 20-Feb-21 07:10:14

Well done! Long may it last....and I hope you slept too.

NoSausageRoll Sat 20-Feb-21 07:46:07

Please can he share his secret with my 14mo? grin

SnuggyBuggy Sat 20-Feb-21 07:48:07

Mine was similar though a bit older. Didn't do anything differently that evening. In my case after that we started getting about one sleep through night a week and then gradually increased until they started sleeping through consistently.

lorisparkle Sat 20-Feb-21 07:53:12

Ds2 was a proper random sleeper. They love to keep us on our toes!

PinkDaffodil2 Sat 20-Feb-21 07:56:22

Mine did that - turned out we had left the baby monitor downstairs overnight blush
She was in a great mood the next morning though!

itsgettingwierd Sat 20-Feb-21 08:02:34

Did you do something different bedtime routine?

Whatever it was enjoy it! It takes a while when they sleep through for you to relax enough to do it!

My advice as ds was also a random sleeper is start noting dinner times, Bath times etc and try and find a pattern of what works!

Most importantly enjoy getting your zzzzzzzz's back!


greenemerald Sat 20-Feb-21 08:07:55

This gives me hope grin

strawbmilk Sat 20-Feb-21 08:47:26

Amazing my DS is the same age and has never slept through the night. Not even close! How it continues for you smile

Kate3150 Sun 21-Feb-21 04:26:54

Back to normal tonight 😩😩😂😂.
Not fair lol, I thought we’d cracked it 😂 xx

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