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penguin7 Fri 19-Feb-21 09:52:23

I'm just thinking of sleeping options for when baby arrives. This is our first baby so a bit clueless tbh. I've seen a few friends posts on social media and they use the Sleepyhead or sleeping pods for their newborns. However, I read on The Lullaby Trust that they're not recommended?
Any advice/info would be appreciated.

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Harrysmummy246 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:02:15

Not recommended so don't. We didn't . DS sleep was rubbish but we got there in the end

OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 19-Feb-21 18:03:46

Not recommended so didn’t use- the sleepyhead was also so expensive to me it wasn’t worth it, they grow in the blink of an eye

peboh Fri 19-Feb-21 18:05:20

I had one which I used to keep in my car for when we popped round to other peoples houses for daytime naps so it was more comfortable to put her down on a sofa if I was having a drink or something. I would never have used it for bed time or if I was out of a room.

cautiouscovidity Fri 19-Feb-21 18:06:13

They're not safe. Lots of people will say 'well we used them and they were fine' but it's the same as all the people that used to put the kids on the backseat of the car with no seatbelt 40 years ago - most people were fine, but some were not and for those that sadly died, it's a tragedy that could've been avoided.

The Lullaby Trust is a reliable source of information.

bubs765 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:42:13

Really handy for day sleep though, as long as you are supervising it's fine. We found ours amazing for the day time instead of bringing the Moses basket downstairs all the time. Be mindful that they can make baby a bit hotter so not too many layers.

Perfect28 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:50:15

A sheepskin rug is a nice soft and safe alternative for naps


Crappyfridays7 Fri 19-Feb-21 18:53:38

They are technically toys as they aren’t designed for sleeping unsupervised, I was reading about them recently. People rave about them, but the safest place for your baby to sleep is in an empty crib/basket or cot no bumpers or toys. It’s not a risk I’d want to take if I’m honest. Take a look at the lullaby trust as mentioned above.
Congrats on baby though enjoy your lovely snuggly cuddles, mine are 10 and above now, however I’m a nurse so I get baby fixes at work

emeraldcity2000 Fri 19-Feb-21 19:11:36

I would hold off until you know what kind of baby you have. Lots of friends had sleepyheads and I genuinely had no idea why they were useful with my first - she happily slept in a Moses basket with nothing to comfort her from
Day 1. If we went to friends houses she'd sleep happily on a mat on the floor....
My second was dreadful. He needed to be cuddled continuously and I just couldn't put him down without him waking and demanding to be picked back up. We tried EVERYTHING. The sleepyhead was helpful for him but I didn't leave him unsupervised in it.
Hopefully you get baby number 1. If you get baby number 2 you'll decide what is the least bad option at the time.

JaneNorman Fri 19-Feb-21 19:14:15

DC1 predated the advice not to use them. Made f all difference to their crap sleep anyway.

FizzingWhizzbee123 Sat 20-Feb-21 20:33:14

A friend lent us one and I tried it for supervised day naps. Made bugger all difference, he wouldn’t sleep in it.

Love to Dream arms up swaddles are good to keep them snug.

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