Desperate mum in need of sleep

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wingingit987 Wed 17-Feb-21 09:34:27

My sons 2.5 yes and I'm in desperate need of some sleep help. Oscars always been brilliant at going to bed in his own bed till last week when he was sick, I now feel like I have a new born.

He’s refusing to go down in his own bed get out all night will only sleep in bed with me. Last night I was so desperate I was sitting on the floor out the room every time I got over the gate he woke up. It’s like he could feel me leaving the room. I thought it was teething causing the problem as he’s got his back teeth coming through now I’m unsure.

Sunday he was up from 430 but spent most of the night in bed with me Monday was the same last night he didn’t go down till after 9 then up between 1230 and 230 then in my bed the rest of the night.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant and my partner works nights so it’s just me all the time! Please help.

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PlanDeRaccordement Wed 17-Feb-21 10:15:48

Have you reduced his naps? Limit him to one nap of no more than 2hrs during the day. If you can, nap when he naps. You won’t have this luxury when #2 arrives. Don’t use the time to catch up on housework...just include him with you when he’s awake. Two isn’t too young to be given a damp paper towel and asked to “dust” and few surfaces. I even created jobs for them to make it more fun like if I mopped the floor. We’d get old towels and then shuffle about with them under our feet to “dry” the floor.

Do you have room to set up an air mattress bed for him in your room? If you do, you can tell him if he wakes up and is afraid, he can come quietly to your room and sleep there but he’s not to wake you up unless he has been sick or wet the bed, etc. Because you need your sleep too. Some young children can get very scared sleeping alone.

wingingit987 Wed 17-Feb-21 11:47:16

@PlanDeRaccordement thanks for commenting I'm at my wits end and really struggling. Unfortunately he no longer naps at all at nursery yesterday he did but at home it's not a given. If he does nap he has no longer than an hour and 15 mins I had been napping when he napped previously as I was becoming so poorly with morning sickness.

He's pretty good already helps with cleaning he dusts has his own little vacuum etc.

No I don't but he can't come into me anyway there's a gate on his bedroom he honestly couldn't be trusted without one he'd be a nightmare. I could get him and ask him to sleep on one in my room but would like him out completely before baby arrives

I honestly don't know what to do. I want to try supernannys technique but he cries continuously xx

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PlanDeRaccordement Wed 17-Feb-21 12:45:42

That sounds very challenging @wingingit987. I understand wanting only one at a time in your bedroom with you. I failed at that myself, so make sure you are kind to yourself. Some children are higher needs than others. I never like the supernanny methods either they seemed too strict to me. I hope someone comes along with better ideas for you. I hope your DH when he is home is willing to take the two year old so you can nap in the day. You are pregnant and I remember well how exhausting that is when you already have a toddler too! Best wishes xx

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