Oh the noise!!

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Bluebell798 Wed 17-Feb-21 02:16:40

Sounds normal to me!
I never had mine sleep in the room with me but in the early days would have her napping in the lounge room and she made such a racket! Newborns cycle between deep and active sleep and in the latter phase they're very active! Wouldn't be concerned at all.

brokengate Wed 17-Feb-21 02:04:37

Oh that's interesting. Fingers crossed.

I'm watching her now, sound asleep moaning away. Wonder if she will be a talker....or sleep talker.

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MrBullinaChinaShop Tue 16-Feb-21 21:15:37

Oh lord my third did this. I ended up sleeping with ear plugs in. It was a nightmare... I just couldn’t sleep through the noise.
He grew out of it at around 12 weeks.

brokengate Tue 16-Feb-21 21:13:25

It's unbelievable. First baby was a horrific sleeper and I don't think I actually remember her sleeping.

This wee one is more a normal baby sleeper, couple of hours then a feed. The racquet that comes out of her though. I keep thinking oh that's her awake but nope, sound asleep groaning and moaning away.

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Vicky1989x Tue 16-Feb-21 21:10:51

I never knew how noisy babies were when they slept - I didn’t sleep for the first 12 weeks because every little noise I thought something was wrong grin

It gets better around 12 weeks. I think it’s just them ‘learning’ how to move gas etc.

brokengate Tue 16-Feb-21 20:33:53

Eight week old baby.

Bit of a rough start feed wise, silent reflux, all now sorted. Very happy, settled, all good.

First part of night goes down well, two hours maybe, beautiful silent sleep.

Feed, back down.

Next stint of sleep is like sleeping next to a small piglet. Not in distress, arms above head angelic, eyes shut, but grunting, moaning, you name it until the next feed. This pattern goes on all night.

What is going on? If it is just her why is first part ok?

So I've gone from exhaustion from her not sleeping to exhaustion from the noise that such a tiny person can make!

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