Help please - sleep training 1 year old

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LemonDrizzles Mon 15-Feb-21 18:12:57

Hi there, dc2 is about to start sleep training. She is 1 year 2 months and currently bf to sleep each night. And since lockdown, been a bit clingy. Nervous as we are starting tonight... The plan is for dh to give her milk from a sippy cup. She does this at nursery. But I'm lost as to what order to give her milk. Just before sleep or 30 mins/ hour before?

Also, we did a sort of cry it out with dc1 who took to it after a few days. We tried the same thing with dc2 in Dec. She cried and then vomitted on herself. Thinking we may need to do slow retreat or any other method - suggestions?

Any tips welcome.

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LemonDrizzles Mon 15-Feb-21 19:40:36

Also how much milk do you start with? Would 75 ml be enough?

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ZackaryQuack Mon 15-Feb-21 19:46:50

Not really sleep trained but this is our routine (ds is a year and a half) if it helps.
Dh gives ds his milk about 7ish while I tidy the kitchen, they usually have the TV on for 10 minutes or dh sings with ds.
I take ds up, brush his teeth and get him changed into a clean nappy and his pj's.
We have a snuggle and a story in his armchair, I give him a kiss good night and put him in his cot. I now leave the room, but when we stopped feeding him to sleep I used to put him in his cot and sit back down until he was asleep, I then just started reducing the time to the point that I tuck him in and leave the room, he's usually asleep within 10/15 minutes. Definitely before 8pm.

Forevercurious Wed 17-Feb-21 07:00:38

Hi smile just found your thread, how are you getting on?

My DS is 14 months and we’ve been slowly sleep training since just after Christmas. I stopped feeding to sleep, he now has a breastfeed 45 minutes before he goes to bed. He settled to the new routine within a couple of nights, we’ve now just began night weaning as although he was self settling completely for bed he was still waking and being fed throughout the night.

When we first began one of us would stay with DS and comfort him in his cot, he wasn’t left to cry. We would pick him up and cuddle if he became really upset but other than that he’d be sung too, patted and shushed whilst he was in his bed. Over the course of a week he needed less support until I could put him down and come out and now falls asleep like that.

Our bedtime routine is:
6:30 - lights dimmed and milk feed downstairs, he then has a light supper and we look at books / read stories until 6:55.
7 - teeth, bath, pjs and into sleep bag by 7:15
7:15- in his room for bedtime story, cuddle and his bedtime song.
Usually in bed by 7:20 and asleep within minutes.

I hope that helps smile

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