2.5 year old waking in the night chatting/shouting - every night!

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itskate Mon 15-Feb-21 11:57:49

Looking for some advice please from a very tired mama! My 2.5 year old has always been a very good sleeper, up until 6 weeks ago! He has started waking around 1am and chatting, shouting, laughing for sometimes up to 4/5 hours until he’s eventually so exhausted he falls back asleep. He was in a cot when he started and last week we moved him into a cot bed (decided to make the plunge whilst he was already not sleeping rather than letting him get settled and then move him) and it’s still the same, he has a full night sleep maybe twice a week and has slept in his cot bed so know that’s not the issue. I’ve tried ignoring him, I’ve tried going into soothe him, he just talks to me and pretends to go back asleep until I’m out of the room. We have the same routine that we’ve always had, no TV before bed, reading books, bath, milk and bed at 7pm. He no longer has a nap in the day. He did test positive for covid at the beginning of January (we all did) and although he showed no symptoms I wonder if that’s affected his sleep. I am absolutely exhausted and not sure what to try next, has anyone else experienced this with their child?

Thanks in advance!

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