Help baby go to sleep off bottle

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Psba Mon 15-Feb-21 09:03:01

Our 3 week old was originally falling asleep at the end of a bottle of milk. Now, as he's generally more alert, he rarely falls asleep after a feed and needs rocking.
Lots of books etc say to look for signs of sleep and then they will drift off, but that is most likely unrealistic. What tips do you have for getting a baby to sleep for a nap. At night he's fine, but it's during the day it can take over an hour or more sometimes them he gets over tired.

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Ostryga Mon 15-Feb-21 16:27:53

Things that worked for Dd: sleeping on me, loud white noise, going for a walk in the pram/drive in the car, rocking, her in a stretchy wrap while I paced the house, swaddling.

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