5 months old suddenly catnapping again

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Lilice Sat 13-Feb-21 17:55:31

Hi everyone. I need nap advice. My baby used to have 30 minute naps (unless held or in pram) until she turned 3 months old when she naturally lengthened them ( between 1 hour to 2 or 3 hours). But since Monday, she's been napping again for 30 minutes only. She will be 5 months next week. So she's been having longer naps for two months and all the sudden is back to cat napping. Why??? 😭 I thought the 30 minute naps were now a thing of the past. It is so frustrating! What am I doing wrong? Her awake time is 1.5 hours sometimes 2 hours. She sleeps through the night and has been since she was nearly 3 months old. She goes to be around 8.30pm and wakes up around 8 am. She falls asleep on her own at nap and night time.
Please help

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Vicky1989x Sat 13-Feb-21 20:48:03

If she’s only napping for 30 minutes she might be undertired. Try to lengthen her wake windows a bit - I think my DD was doing 2-2.5 hours at 5 months.

OverTheRainbow88 Sat 13-Feb-21 21:05:41

I wouldn’t change anything if she’s sleeping 8-8!!

Don’t rock the boat which seems to be sailing wonderfully

My 2 year old has never slept through, count your blessings I would say!

Lilice Sat 13-Feb-21 21:44:00

Thank you @Vicky1989x I will stick to 2 hours awake time

@OverTheRainbow88 you're right, I should be grateful she sleeps all night.

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Annie2601 Mon 15-Feb-21 17:58:54

My baby is doing exactly the same! 5months next week and all of a sudden he WILL NOT connect sleep cycles in the day. I used to be able to get him to settle and sleep again but now i cant even get him back to sleep.

yes grateful he sleeps 7pm-7am but catnapping is making him super grouchy and by bedtime hes just inconsolable some nights as i think hes overtired.

@Lilice what methods are u trying? Ive done lengthening and shortening awake times, letting him cry (only if hes not wailing) for 10mins max, resettling, his room is dark and white noise- nothing is working! Do we just go with it and wait? Tearing my hair out now lol.

Lilice Wed 17-Feb-21 19:11:41

@Annie2601 her catnapping lasted 6 days, and since Sunday she's been napping fine again. Yesterday she had two 2 hours naps plus a catnap, which is great. But today she had four 50 minute naps. I feel like im on a rollercoaster 🤣 I'm trying to increase her awake time to 2 hours but she's really yawning and ready to sleep after 1.5 hours. What about you?

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