Dressing baby in 13 degree weather

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Wimbledoncovidmum Sat 13-Feb-21 05:15:06

Hi there mums and dads

Some advise please

It’s absolutely Baltic in Ireland at the moment with a cold snap

My son is 5 months old and his room where I sleep in gets down to 13 degrees- I have to sleep with 2 jumpers and a winter duvet myself.

I’ve got him in a long sleeved vest, a fleece sleep suit and a long sleeved 3.5 tog slumbersac bag

When I change his nappy at 3am- yes he LOVES having a poop then, his body feels warm but a normal warm if you know what I mean( not toasty or sweaty) and his hands are warm but not clammy

I had him in sleeved 2.5 tog previously but his hands were freezing. I know they can have cold hands but I mean icicles !

Before anyone comments about heating up the room/ house/ gets on their high horse about not putting children through cold rooms- I don’t have a choice for now so please don’t go there. I’d just appreciate advice on clothing thanks

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addler Sat 13-Feb-21 06:04:03

It sounds like if he's warm but not sweaty he's the perfect temperature for the room. Babies that are too cold wake up, babies that are too warm don't. Much rather a baby that gets too cold!

JimLaheysWhiskeyBottle Sat 13-Feb-21 06:29:07

It sounds like you're doing a great job. My daughter sleeps outside in her pram for her nap when she's at barnehage and its been down to -20 here this week.
Here it's always recommended that the kids wear merino wool. If you look on Zalando you can get merino wool sleep suits, some have feet, some don't. This is a really good base layer. It feels very thin, but keeps good temperature. Pure natural wool is the way to go. You can also get brushed merino wool mittens and socks too.
If its really cold, you could look into a sheepskin that is designed for babies to sleep on (we have one in the pram) or a voksepose which is similar to a feather sleeping bag.
I think though for 13 degrees inside, so no wind, merino is the way to go. It can be a little bit more expensive, maybe £15 for a sleep suit and wash it gently with wool washing liquid.
If you need any help, send me a pm, I'm an expert at dressing kids for the cold after living here! grin

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