8month old night waking

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Picklesbaby Thu 11-Feb-21 14:57:43

My little boy has just turned 8 months & He still wakes every 45mins/1hour . He’s fed to sleep at night. He’s been napping in his cot for a good few months now , I put him down awake and leave him ,he will happily go off by himself and have anything from 30-90mins . I try it at night and he just gets hysterical . Lack of sleep is wearing a bit thin and I’m beginning to get grumpy with everyone else! .Will it get better? Will he ever learn to self soothe night or am I going to have to sleep train?

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Harrysmummy246 Thu 11-Feb-21 18:47:18

It's a notorious time for a big sleep regression as there are huge amounts going on in their development

Picklesbaby Thu 11-Feb-21 18:58:02

He’s been like this since 12 weeks lol

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Harrysmummy246 Thu 11-Feb-21 19:38:19

Yeah, mine was too to be honest. Didn't ever sleep train, we got there eventually

Soitis83 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:17:05

I sleep trained my boy around this age and it worked perfectly. Gentle approach and it was the best thing we did

GenevaMaybe Sun 14-Feb-21 19:21:13

What are his day naps like, as in what’s his routine?

Mountainpose Sun 14-Feb-21 19:21:41

Not much help but my 8 month old is similar. Goes down like a dream for naps but will cry hysterically at bedtime unless I feed to sleep and wakes multiple times overnight. It’s worse when he’s overtired. Hoping he grows out of it eventually.


Picklesbaby Mon 15-Feb-21 09:40:02

@GenevaMaybe He wakes 6.30/7am.naps around 9.30/10am anything from 60-90mins,His afternoon nap around 2/230pm for 45mins. start bedtime at 6.15ish he’s normally asleep for 7.30/8pm. Wakes every 45mins/Hour . May get 1.5hours if I’m lucky !
@Soitis83 what technique did you use?
@Mountainpose am hoping he just grows out of it too. If not will night wean when he’s one I suppose😬

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GenevaMaybe Sun 21-Feb-21 20:11:50

He’s overtired and fed to sleep.
Try this routine at 8 months:
7am wake and bottle
8am breakfast (porridge and fruit)
9.30-10.00 nap
11.45 lunch including protein
12.15 small bottle if needed
12.30-2.30 nap
3pm bottle
5pm dinner of carbs
5.30 bath
6.15 bottle
6.45 bed

Picklesbaby Sun 21-Feb-21 20:46:38

@GenevaMaybe he doesn’t have a bottle but I will certainly try the routine (& we are working on not feeding to sleep)thank you 🙂

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yahyahs22 Sun 21-Feb-21 21:36:31

Ferber method changed my life. My DS is so much better off for it too

yahyahs22 Sun 21-Feb-21 21:41:03

Our routine is
7am wake and bottle
8am breakfast
9:30am nap
10:30am bottle
12/12:30am lunch
2pm nap
4:30/5pm dinner
6:30pm bath
7pm bottle and bed straight after

Works super super well for us. He used to be up all through the night before this

legalseagull Sun 21-Feb-21 21:43:48

Oh god sleep train. My son was the same and I swear he literally nearly killed me. I was so exhausted I caught illness after illness culminating in being hospitalised with pneumonia. Eventually we sleep trained and he went from waking every hour to sleeping 7 till 7 I'm just 3 nights. I honestly couldn't believe it.

legalseagull Sun 21-Feb-21 21:45:27

It was also good for him - he was so much happier getting more sleep!

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