Newborn is noisy sleeper - when should I comfort her?

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jamie980 Thu 11-Feb-21 00:57:37

Hi, my baby is five days old and making lots of noise at night. She sleeps silently in the day time but tonight she’s grunting, squawking, squeaking, gurgling, you name it. I keep thinking she’s about to cry for a feed but I look over and it seems her eyes are shut and she’s asleep. She’ll have a quiet spell for 10 minutes then start again. Is this normal? I’ve been reaching out to pat and shhh her but I don’t want to interfere with her unnecessarily if she doesn’t need comforting (I’d be straight there to pick her up if she was to fully wake and cry). Any thoughts? I’m scared to go to sleep in case she’s in discomfort

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swaziscot Thu 11-Feb-21 01:56:45

Aww I’d forgotten all the funny noises they make. Don’t worry at all, she’ll wake up when she needs a feed or whatever. You don’t even need to pat her. That kind of noise is normal. Congratulations too smile

Aquamarine1029 Thu 11-Feb-21 02:02:36

This is totally normal, and it's amazing how noisy little babies can be. Unless she wakes and actually cries, just leave her be.

Changethetoner Thu 11-Feb-21 02:13:05

It's normal. Babies are noisy. I remember the crinkle noise of the nappy.

jamie980 Thu 11-Feb-21 05:28:01

Thanks everyone - everything is so new! Just didn’t want to be neglecting something that might have needed my attention. I’ll try to relax and find a way to sleep through the sounds (they are cute though!) X

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Dramstam Thu 11-Feb-21 05:41:24

Totally normal. At this age all they know Is being close to mum and inside you warm and cosy so don’t be surprised if over the next few days baby becomes harder to put down and needs to be held more.

Seekingadviceplz Thu 11-Feb-21 14:10:33

Totally normal. I had to wear ear plugs to help me get some sleep when my baby was a newborn. He was right beside me so I could still everything (definitely if he cried!!) but they helped a bit.


jamie980 Thu 11-Feb-21 14:47:53

Thanks everyone! I feel so clueless but good to know it’s nothing to worry about

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Etherealhedgehog Thu 11-Feb-21 18:45:22

I really struggled with sleeping when I could hear all this and a few times I definitely went and got her up when I didn't need to. I've found it really helpful to use lavender pillow spray (for me, not her!) I'm 100% sure it's just the placebo effect but I feel like by spraying it on my pillow I'm giving myself permission to be asleep unless she's actually calling out/crying, which makes it much easier to sleep through all the rest!

addler Thu 11-Feb-21 19:33:41

My baby was so loud I wasn't getting any sleep even when he was, I would regularly go to get him out to feed him and he would still be fast asleep! After a few weeks either I got used to it or he quietened down.

One thing that did help is I would feed DS then give him to DP who would hold him upright for 20/30 mins (refluxy baby) and I would go back to sleep so I was asleep before DS was put back in bed. Otherwise I wouldn't fall asleep listening to him. DP falls asleep as soon as he lies down so wasn't a problem for him getting back to sleep.

You'll probably find you'll soon learn the difference between his normal noises and his 'hungry' noises

Sipperskipper Sat 13-Feb-21 15:21:48

Totally normal. I actually wore earplugs with both DDs. Could still hear if they cried, but it helped to muffle all the sounds keeping me awake!

SparkyBlue Sat 13-Feb-21 15:28:56

We used to call our first DD our baby dinosaur. She constantly made little noises . It totally surprised me.

1stTimeParent Tue 16-Feb-21 08:51:30

I was literally going to post this exact message! When she sleeps on us she makes hardly any noise but in her crib she is making noise all night! So hard to get sleep when she is being so noisy, especially as occasional it turns into a little cry and I have to decide if she needs picking up or not! Weirdly the noises have only come about in the last few days she is now 17 days old! Nice to read this is normal although very knackering!

Littlegoth Tue 16-Feb-21 08:56:37

I’ve just been through this - 3am to 6am up up to being around 16 weeks old it was like sleeping in a farmyard!

He’s almost 6 months now and sleeps so quietly that I can’t sleep for that either 😂

jamie980 Thu 18-Feb-21 05:03:35

Haha we can’t win eh @Littlegoth I’m the same, when she’s quiet I’ll be listening to make sure she’s breathing

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