3.5 month old needs to be with me to sleep

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Imcrc Wed 10-Feb-21 22:03:15

Need tips really.
Shes a great baby, and once shes asleep she sleeps like a log and normally for 8-10 hours so I'm feeling really lucky.
But the past few days getting her to sleep is like pulling teeth. She is breast fed and normally feeds to sleep. Then we put her in her cot in the same room as us. It can sometimes take me two hours + to get her in there. I have to wait for a really deep sleep or she will wake up and scream her head off. She just wants to be in our bed. I have never co slept with her, but I let her fall to sleep cuddling me.
Tonight has been bad. She normally gets tired around 7.30, 8pm. We have a routine, nice bubble bath, baby massage and some songs, feed, fall asleep then bed. Everytime tonight we have tired putting her in her bed she wakes up. She is really angry now, she wont give in. Trying controlled crying and singing to her and rocking her.
Not sure if that's the right thing to do. Read a couple articles that say that dont really give any advice.
She just wants to be held. The past few days she has been so needy. Its probably a bit of a regression so I want to know that I'm doing the right thing by letting her cry it out a bit. We are in the same room, occasionally rocking and singing. She is fed and dry.
I know shes young too, so I'm not looking for a baby that has a perfect routine. I just want some tips on how to get her into her bed and not scream the house down! Or take me 3 hours.

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micc Thu 11-Feb-21 06:51:39


Harrysmummy246 Thu 11-Feb-21 10:35:02

1) Even people in favour of sleep training (I am unapologetically not one of them) will say too young for controlled crying.
2) Possibly start of the 4 month sleep regression/ progression

Poppet12345 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:46:25

I started to put my little girl into her next to me crib at around this age awake and tried to get her to learn to self settle. She had a dummy so at that time it was constantly putting the dummy back in every 5 minutes. The first week it took me 3 hours some nights, but after that it got less and less. She's now five months and self settles in around 10-15 minutes. Yes I do still get 10-15 minutes of a bit of winging but after that she's out like a light.
Some will say it's way to early to get a baby to self settle, I disagree. She just needs to get used to not being held to sleep

micc Thu 11-Feb-21 15:53:10

Thanks for the replies, I understand that she is maybe quite young for controlled crying but personally I'm a bit against co sleeping so I dont really have an option. She used to be fine going in her cot. (Its a small rocking cot). I guess it's a regression.
I've tried her with a dummy a few times, she hates them which is annoying so I've given up. She just wants something to suck on but it has to be me!
She eventually went to sleep last night, even her nap was a struggle today was a bit of a struggle the second I tried to move away so woke up and screamed at me.

Danmom Fri 12-Feb-21 00:50:50

We have 4 month regression now. My baby started waking up every hour. It lasted a week and then moved to 1.40 min which is better compared to 1 hour 😄. Finally started refusing to sleep on the bed at night and wants to be held. Guess it is related to sleep regression.

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