Bedtime with 2 kids!

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AmieB Fri 05-Feb-21 21:10:45

Hi guys, just looking for a bit of routine advice. Dd1 is 2.5 and ds2 is 3 months old. Dd1 always goes upstairs for bath, pj's story etc and is asleep by 6:30pm, we've tried now countless times to bath both kids together, one of us puts dd1 to bed and the other puts ds2 to bed but we've discovered ds2 doesn't really want to sleep until about 8pm. Do we bath them both together and then bring ds2 downstairs whilst dd1 goes off to bed and then take ds1 back up at 8pm, or do we just put dd1 to bed and then do ds2 bath bottle etc later at 8pm?
Ideally I'd love them to have a bath together and myself and hubby take a kid each, but my 2.5yo won't stay up until 8pm and my 3 month old wont settle at 630pm 🙈
Any tips, routine ideas etc would be appreciated smile

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Coldwinterahead1 Sat 06-Feb-21 07:51:26

I'd just do the bath routine with the 2 yr old. The 3 month old doesn't need bathing everyday.

Fisharefriendstoo Sun 14-Feb-21 00:13:36

I know you posted this a week ago but thought I’d jump on and just repeat the above. Your 3 month old is too young to be on the same bed time schedule as your toddler right now. Just do it separate and it will soon link up before you know it.

Smallonesaremorejuicy Sun 14-Feb-21 01:21:34

Yes , I agree your new baby is too young for the same routine. My girls are 2.5 twins & 4 month old , twins go to bed 6.30 , baby around 7.30 but she still wakes during night for BF .

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