17 month old climbing out of cot

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MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 08:53:25

My DS has never been a great sleeper, we did some sleep training and this seemed to work....for 3 weeks! We are now back to the early starts of 04:30am and we are struggling.
The issue i have is that he is tall for his age, i have tried some sleep training (going in and out to soothe etc), but hes having none of it and has decided that hes going to climb out of his cot!!
The dilema is that im worried about him being in the cot and climbing out when he decides its time to get up (hes very quick!), but not sure if he is too young for a toddler bed?.

Help, does anyone have any similar stories?

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HorseOfPhillipMoss Thu 21-Jan-21 08:55:52

Does he wear a grobag? That always limited the escapades of my DS at that age

Finfintytint Thu 21-Jan-21 08:57:36

DS was a climber at that age. He ruptured a testicle on the bars. Get a low toddler bed.

olderthanyouthink Thu 21-Jan-21 08:59:32

Some people never use a cot, a floor bed or bed sharing from birth, need to baby proof the room though.

DD 26months has basically never been enclosed, nor has she ever slept through but I don't want to sleep train either.

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:00:20

Thank you for the suggestion, i have tried a grobag but he can still get up (mini houdini!!).

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lcdododo Thu 21-Jan-21 09:01:10

We used a floor bed from 12 months. Much easier and safer

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 21-Jan-21 09:02:05

For his own safety, he needs the sides off his cot. Put a gate on his bedroom door, and do a thorough check of everything he can get to in his room - make sure furniture is lashed to the walls and all low down stuff is child friendly or removed.


MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:03:42

@Finfintytint He is very active but im terrified hes going to knock his teeth out or something! So sorry that happened to your DS. His cot turns into a toddler bed but he rolls around all night he will fall out the side, so probably need to get ordering a bed guard. Did your son take to going into a toddler bed at this age?

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MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:06:27

@BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Absolutely agree, we have ordered radiator/ pipe covers and a safety gate .DH has already harnessed everything to the walls....thank you

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Hope4theBestPlan4theWorst Thu 21-Jan-21 09:07:52

Hey, my daughter was the same
I'd say take the sides off - my friends son broke his arm swinging over the sides it was awful - and get a bed guard and put a mesh style stair gate on the bedroom door 🚪

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:08:50

@lcdododo Thank you, did you still use a guard on the side?

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RainingBatsAndFrogs Thu 21-Jan-21 09:10:08

Mine was in a low toddler bed the first time I heard a sickening thump and went up to find him on the floor with carpet burns on his forehead from landing head first.

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:11:53

@Hope4theBestPlan4theWorst His bed turns into a toddler bed, just feel worried with him being so young, but more worried obviously that he is going to harm himself.

Ive ordered some safety equipment, but bed guard is on the list!

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ivfbabymomma1 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:11:53

My DS was in a bed from 14 months (we got him an IKEA Hermnes with a safety bar) I didn't went to spend money on a toddler bed and then a proper bed so we skipped the toddler bed! He sleeps much better in it than he ever did in the cot, j don't think he likes the idea of the bars!

Hope4theBestPlan4theWorst Thu 21-Jan-21 09:25:58

I know what you mean I was worried too I understand exactly where you're coming from it's very difficult

My health visitor gave some great advice and we re-organised her room x

lcdododo Thu 21-Jan-21 09:27:47


*@lcdododo* Thank you, did you still use a guard on the side?

No. A floor bed is literally a mattress on the floor. We used a double, no guard needed

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:17:10

@olderthanyouthink thanks for your input, i have decided to just go for a low single bed and use a guard. Just feels like a big step....

I feel your pain on that one, its difficult because alot of people i know have done the sleep training successfully, and i have tried some training but my instincts override it and its back to square one...so just trying to make him more comfortable and safe seems to be the way forward.

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MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:25:16

@lcdododo thank you

@RainingBatsAndFrogs I know the sound, i felt physically sick.

@ivfbabymomma1 Thank you, ive since been on the Ikea website! Our cot turns into a toddler bed, but i dont want to transition from a cot, to a toddler bed then to a single bed...so think we too are going to skip the toddler bed and get a single with guard.

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MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 10:28:00

@Hope4theBestPlan4theWorst Thank you for your help, and i didnt even think to speak to my HV.

We have already taken steps to securing every inch of the room to be fair, just waiting to choose a bed and guard.

Just feels a bit scary, but has to be done.

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ivfbabymomma1 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:38:01

@MummyE87 it definitely helped us! Because he's always been used to an adult single bed, and I he's poorly we can sneak I. For cuddles and to read bedtime stories etc

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:55:22

@ivfbabymomma1 Thanks, i think thats a good idea, plus he seems to wake up at 04:30am and thought i could maybe sneak in for an hour before we get up (might work, you never know!).

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lcdododo Thu 21-Jan-21 13:58:14

If you've got room I highly recommend just going straight for a double bed. Much more room to sneak in with them and they'll use it for ages x

MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 14:21:50

@lcdododo Yes we have the room, im currently looking at low bed bases without a head or foot. They might look like a challenge for him....! Thanks

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Lazypuppy Thu 21-Jan-21 19:24:45

Toddler bed and a stair gate on his door. My dd has a gro clock as well so if she wakes up early (before 8am when her clock goes to the sun for us) she has to stay and play in her room. We go in at 8am and thats when we start our day.

I know she is safe in her room, and gets her used to being happy in her room

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