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Orangutanmum Thu 21-Jan-21 08:06:14

Hi all,
So I have a 4 and half month orangutan baby who just won't leave my side/hip/tummy (which I've grown to be happy with as it keeps him happy).
At night he has just started off by sleeping in our bed by himself for the first 2 hours (needing to be resettled, but still manages a couple.
He then wants to be touching, so I sleep with heads touching or hand on him, then he will sleep on my arm. By the end of the night he will only stay sleeping if I cradle him and lay on my side. He wakes every 2 hours so each wake we get increasingly closer.

The thing I'm worried about is his temperature. The room is about 16 degrees and I dress him in a vest, baby grow and 2.5 tog. He doesn't use my blanket as that's wrapped around me.

Just wondered if he's getting alot of my heat and if he may be too hot?

Just curious, what do other bed sharers choose for their baby clothing during the night?

I have a thin 2 tog cotton blanket which I use myself and a throw if I get cold, tightly wrapped under me. Do any of you share a blanket and at what age?

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