Does baby's size contribute to wake windows?

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StrangerThings85 Thu 21-Jan-21 05:21:11


I've been having trouble with my LO rising early but I'm hoping I'm on track to fix his overtiredness. I was speaking to a sleep consultant and she said the schedule I have my 7 month old on is typically aimed at 10/11 months old. Basically he'll have 2 long naps a day, and go to bed early and this is me following his lead. He was on 3 naps 2 weeks ago and then started napping longer for his first 2 and absolutely refused the third nap. So now his first nap is 1 hour 15 mins and second nap is 1 hour 30 mins which ends at 3pm and he's in bed for just after 6pm where he'll fall asleep on his own. His wake windows are 2.45 - 3 hours. It's she right and I'm wrong? Or shall I just follow my baby's lead? He's a tall baby, 75th centile for weight, and in the very top 5% for height, due to this he's in 12-18 month clothes. Does size make a difference to what he can sustain?

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midnightstar66 Thu 21-Jan-21 06:30:27

I've never heard of a baby following a schedule on a month of age basis. They are all so very different. I don't think size plays much part after very newborn stage.

midnightstar66 Thu 21-Jan-21 06:31:37

Bed at 6 always seems massively early to me though and I'd expect frequent wakings as a result. 6 pm was also was just a nap to my dc if they ever slept at that tune

Sunsetsaddict80 Thu 21-Jan-21 06:36:08


Follow your babies lead... you are the person who is most qualified and experienced in your baby and what they need.

Babies and young children are programmed to wake up frequently (day and night). They may not
Sleep through until 5 years old - this is the biological norm! Your baby is normal!

trevthecat Thu 21-Jan-21 06:58:18

If it works for you both, why change it? How is sleep over night? My three all went to bed this early and it worked for them. I tried later but they still got up at the same time. My youngest, now 3, still goes to bed between 6 and half past

Vicky1989x Thu 21-Jan-21 10:23:45

My baby is 8.5 months but I’ve had the same routine since 7 months. Her naps are very similar to your LO - her 2nd nap ends around 3pm too but I aim for bed at 7. Her wake windows are the same but I tend to do 2.5 hours as the first window, 3-3.5 hours for the 2nd and 3.5-4 hours before bed and it seems to work for her. I think I’m loosely following the 2/3/4 routine. She still sometimes wakes up around 5am, but she resettles easily then wakes for the day between 6:30 and 7.

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