Baby taking hours to fall asleep

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Regresstoprogress Wed 20-Jan-21 20:43:09

Hi all,
Bit of background: baby was an ok sleeper, but has always fed to sleep. So I was expecting a regression at four months and from 16wks LO has woken up every 1.5-2 hours for food.

At this point she also started refusing to sleep in her crib. Naps have always been held or in sling, but she had been pretty good in her crib up until then. I've tried anything I can to get he back in but all results in screaming. So for now I feed her on my side in bed and then roll away so she has most of my bed with husband relegated to the spare room.

She naps well when held and sleeps for around three hours a day across three naps with awake windows of around two hours. (She's now 5 months) She feeds for ten mins or so then drifts off.

However, at night she takes HOURS to fall asleep.

Tonight for example she's still suckling after two hours. She's drifted off twice. The first time she sneezed(!!!) And woke herself up, the next she lasted about two mins before crying. If I unlatch her she searches for me and cries if she can't relatch.

I've tried earlier and later bedtime depending on her last nap. We have a consistent bedtime routine.

My boobs hurt and I'm tired.

Writing this out was very therapeutic and I'm not totally sure what it's purpose is. Maybe just for some reassurance that I'm not completely failing.

Any idea why sleep is taking this long or ideas to try? And any success stories for resettling in crib or have I ballsed this one up?

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sproutsnbacon Wed 20-Jan-21 20:51:57

My 5 month old is the same in the evening only she doesn’t nap well in the day
She’s a better sleeper than my ds though
You’ve not ballsed it up some just don’t sleep. I was a none sleeper

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