14/15 month old not sleeping through the night

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AJA108 Wed 20-Jan-21 13:53:35

Hi, I have a little one who has never been a good sleeper. We were hoping by now he would be sleeping through the night. He has been teething for a long time and has a lot coming through. Never been a good bottle feeder so we stopped that. We give him a snack Weetabix with a lot of milk as a pre bed snack (and no he is not burly because of that), but he was waking up hungry as have never been a good eater having bits here and there, plus never been great at glugging back milk from bottle or beaker before bed. Room is warm etc. We were bringing him into our bed when he woke but stopped now and doing sleep training where we keep putting him down, but it is exhausting at this age. He is a happy bouncy toddler and so cute, just frustrating we cannot seem to sort out night time. Any ideas or support from anyone?

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bravefox Wed 20-Jan-21 14:00:10

How much are they napping during the day?

AJA108 Wed 20-Jan-21 21:58:55

1 to 1.5.hours.

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MummyE87 Thu 21-Jan-21 08:08:57

@AJA108 I have a very similar situation. What sleep training are you doing?

AJA108 Thu 21-Jan-21 13:05:54

Hello, not really much tbh. When he is up, just keep putting him down in the cot again and again. Until he understands or gets tired out. But make sure he does not have a burpy or leaked. also bedtime is a bit earlier now.

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Harrysmummy246 Fri 22-Jan-21 16:05:11

Hate to say this as I know it's not what you want to hear but, you have a normal, average sleeper.

Plenty of toddlers don't sleep through by that age and can take even longer.

And what happens if you just leave him standing?

Whirlwind14 Fri 22-Jan-21 16:14:16

We have an 18m old who is very similar. Blue an eater or a sleeper. After a baby who slept through from 6 weeks (and I woke him for feeds!!) and still hits 13 hours a night at 3.5, it’s tough!!! No advice I’m afraid...flowers

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