Sudden sleep issues

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expattwinmum Tue 19-Jan-21 22:29:10

Since my twin sons were born we have followed very strict nap/feed/bedtime routines and it worked well - usually asleep 15 mins after being placed in cot), however, since beginning of December one of them started fighting bedtime but would usually settle after 30 minutes of additional faff. At Christmas we stopped bed time dummies - day time dummies stopped before that - and since then it’s been a living hell. On top of one becoming difficult at bedtime, They stopped napping (even though one clearly still needs it), we’ve gone through two sets of chicken pox and a gastro bug and now the twin difficult at bedtime is now not settling at all .. it’s taking an hour to settle then he wakes 2 hours later and various points during the night, crying non stop with nothing settling him. We have twice removed him from the nursery to not disturb his brother but tonight he has woken his brother who clearly can’t cope with the lack of sleep. I’ve tried controlled crying tonight which initially worked after an hour but on this wake up his brother is getting more and more distraught 1 hour later. Any ideas? After nearly 4 weeks of this we are losing our minds sad

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LouiseTrees Wed 20-Jan-21 00:00:52

What age are they?

expattwinmum Wed 20-Jan-21 06:08:21

Sorry I thought I had added this - 2.5 years old

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