Baby crying in sleep

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Emmaaa1990 Tue 19-Jan-21 22:05:00

Hi all

But weird and this scares the hell out of me at night sometimes! My baby just randomly cries in her sleep! Sometimes it's a little cry for a few seconds and other times abit longer. I sometimes go in and check her but have a video monitor so check that to see if she really needs me etc. Has anyone else experienced this? Can they have nightmares at 8 months old? She seems to be doing it more the last few days! Thanks for your help!

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Amrythings Tue 19-Jan-21 22:26:43

Mine is 18 months now but has always chuntered, shouted and whimpered in his sleep. He recently added lion roars to the repertoire.

We wait and see how long the whimpering goes on for before going in as often he settles himself, but if he doesn't stop he's usually got wind or sore teeth or has had a bad dream/woken himself up upset.

IrishCharm Wed 20-Jan-21 01:20:09

I have three grown up some now but still remember when this happened - most often it was wind and they'd give a little cry or whimper and then be fine while I listened intently in case they did it again.

IrishCharm Wed 20-Jan-21 01:20:45


Emmaaa1990 Wed 20-Jan-21 06:52:13

Oh that's reassuring to know it's happened to you both as well! So strange though sometimes sounds like she's scared but it doesn't last long. Just thought it's so odd and wondered if it was normal! Scares the hell out of me if I'm just dozing off myself haha.

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Vicky1989x Wed 20-Jan-21 10:30:38

My 8.5 month old does this too.. scares me especially when I’m just dozing off too! In my baby’s case, it’s usually wind causing it.

Emmaaa1990 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:01:39

So weird isn't it @Vicky1989x I'm not sure the reasoning behind my baby doing it! I guess it could be teeth, wind, anything haha. It will be so much easier when they can talk ay!

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