What time should I put 7 month old to bed?

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StrangerThings85 Tue 19-Jan-21 16:31:06


I've been having issues with early rising with my now 7 month old waking between 5 & 6am. He's just started consolidating naps and today he woke at 5:40am after I put him to bed at 6:15pm due to poor naps. However, today he's had great naps, totaling 3.5 hours with his second nap finishing at 3:45pm after 2 hours. I had to wake him up. Now I don't know what time to put him to bed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Breastfeedingworries Tue 19-Jan-21 16:31:57

I’d go with 7-7:30 somewhere between there.

dementedpixie Tue 19-Jan-21 16:33:37

How long can he normally stay awake between naps? What's the usual bedtime? 7? 7.30?

ElspethFlashman Tue 19-Jan-21 16:33:55


However between 5-6 is pretty normal for that age too. The first year really sucks that way.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 19-Jan-21 16:34:48

I always think a good daytime nap routine helps with bedtime. What are his overall nap timings? Mine both fell loosely into 9am(woke after 45mins), 12noon(sleep as long as they like) then a 4pm nap if needed which I capped at 30mins.

StrangerThings85 Tue 19-Jan-21 16:44:42

@BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz he naps 9:15am to 10:45am, then 1:45pm to 3:45pm.

3 hours seems to be his wake window atm

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AliasGrape Tue 19-Jan-21 16:59:36

Maybe start bedtime routine at 6.15 with aim to be in bed for 6.45/7?

Mine is nearly 6 months. Bedtime has quite rapidly gone from around 8.30 say a month ago, to 8, then 7.30 and now she seems to start wanting to go about 7.15. Just being led by her and what she seems to need, though some days I get it wrong and it all goes to crap!

Have you tried the huckleberry app? It’s quite good if you track sleep/naps on there it can usually predict when they’ll next need a nap or bedtime. Been great for us although to be fair it’s not been getting bedtime right lately but that’s because she goes back and forth on whether she wants the last nap of the day or not.

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