Sleep prob after taking side off cot.

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Toastedsesame Tue 19-Jan-21 09:00:40

I'm really struggling with my son's behaviour and sleeping habits at the moment. He's 3 on Saturday and has always been a good sleeper up until now.

Ever since we took the bars off his cot side he has been dreadful. (3ish weeks ago) He goes to bed at 7 but keeps calling us up for ridiculous things like "sore toe" and "I've dribbled" stuff that never used to bother him - he doesn't have a sore toe and his bed is dry. We have to go up 6/7 times before he will settle at about 9ish! Then he's up at 6/7 and you can tell he's tired because he's so grumpy and throwing tantrums at any little thing. He's also been really naughty lately, throwing and breaking things. I don't know what to do because it feels like he isn't tired at bedtime but then if I skip his nap he's a nightmare. I can tell when he's tired because he won't play alone and he's really needy.

I understand that it's probably time for him to drop his nap but before all this he was sleeping 7-7 and 2h nap in the day... I'd be happy with the 7-7 night time sleep back!

Any ideas?

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Toastedsesame Tue 19-Jan-21 20:16:17


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AllTheCakes Tue 19-Jan-21 20:22:33

Can you skip his nap and put bedtime to half 6? He needs the same amount of sleep, just that you are consolidating it.

Every time he gets up, don’t acknowledge him with speaking. Take him straight back to bed silently and lie him back down. He will hopefully get the message and stay in his room.

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