Please help! 22 month olds sleep going to s**t

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Terriblecreature Mon 18-Jan-21 20:26:07

Hey everyone

I am 33 weeks pregnant with DC2 and my DS1 has just turned 22 months.

For a solid year DS1 has been in a great routine sleep wise and has only woke an odd night. However, in November he went the full month waking at 4am ish. Came through that and was sleeping great up until 2 weeks ago.

It started with his naps during the day. Not sure what has happened but won't go for a nap in the cot or at his usual time. He will only nap in the buggy, car seat or on the sofa. This happened for a week but would still go down at night time no problem at all.
Last Wednesday he was having a sleep over with grand parents and started crying in the cot and then climbed and fell out of the cot. Since then we have had 3 nights of it being absolute torture to get him to sleep. He gets himself distressed even at the word 'bed' not going down until 9pm when he used to go down at 6.30am. today I only let him nap for 45minutes on the sofa in hopes he would be extremely tired tonight but still a battle. I am having to stay in the room with him until he is fully asleep.

Obviously I am getting really anxious about this as due another baby in less than 7 weeks.

Can anyone offer advice? I know it's likely to be the 2 year sleep regression but anyone got any tips to make this easier for all involved? I have tried allowing him to cry but he just gets even more distressed so not up for doing that.

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StyleOfTheTimes Thu 21-Jan-21 20:36:31

I can’t offer any advice to you unfortunately but I can say I sympathise with what you’re going through. Dd turns 2 next month and has hit a massive sleep regression and a bout of separation anxiety which has got me on my knees. We’ve gone from sleeping ok ish to now me having to sleep on her bedroom floor. I hope it all turns a corner for you soon.

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