Getting baby to sleep in snuz pod.

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pinkflamingo561 Mon 18-Jan-21 17:12:25

My baby is 13 weeks old.

Since birth it has been hard to get her to sleep in the snuz od. We've tried the hot water bottle in there before she goes in. We rock or feed her to sleep then transition but she just wakes up. She does it during the day, although sometimes it takes a few attempts, but not at night. Sometimes I can get her in it for part of the night but sometimes it can take 3 hours of feeding, rocking , putting her down, her waking up before she goes down.
I was really struggling with sleep when she was 2/3 weeks old so did start letting her co sleep if I couldn't get her down. She did sleep better in the pram bassinet for a while, then ok in the snuz pod (had to have her with me til about 3 am but could then move her over) but has regressed and will hardly sleep in snuz pod at night.

Now I really want to try and get her to sleep in the snuz pod full time but I can't. I feel like I've messed up her sleep routine. Lots of people I know have same age babies who go down at 7:30/8 but I'm lucky if she's down before 11...

I've tried the hot water bottle, dream sheep, dark room, bought a love to dream swaddle up sleeping bag but nothing seems to work...

Any advice?

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LBB2020 Mon 18-Jan-21 21:47:22

You haven’t messed up anything! Babies sleep changes all the time for the first year or so, just do whatever you need to do to get some sleep!

Paris2019 Tue 19-Jan-21 00:51:26

Same here... My 7 week old has barely slept in his snuzpod... much more success with the moses basket and pram carrycot, both of which are smaller/snugger. We have had a few nights of 2-3 hours in snuzpod but that's it. Currently going through a phase of only sleeping on me while the snuzpod remains redundant - v frustrating!

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