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Maya2920 Mon 18-Jan-21 01:09:11

Good evening, I’m in need of some advice because I honestly feel at my wits end and it’s such a shit feeling

My baby is 8 months old and for the last few months she has become an actual nightmare with sleeping. She will have a total of around 1 hour to 1 and a half hours of nap time in her cot which is usually spread out across 2 naps. However, when it comes to bedtime it’s a big no no from my baby. As soon as she touches the mattress her eyes fly open and she bawls and screams until she’s picked up. I have spoken to the health visitors on a couple of occasions in regards to this and the only advice they have given is to try co-sleeping. I’m so exhausted that I’m at the point where I’d give most things a try I think. I hate hate hate co-sleeping because it’s the constant thought of “what if?” But I have given in and been trying it over the last couple of weeks but I honestly can’t do it anymore because if anything I feel worse. My baby seems to sleep a treat when co-sleeping but my body absolutely refuses to cooperate with it as I’m waking up in the night and morning with moderate pain my back, hips and legs. It’s getting almost unbearable.

Does anyone have any advice on how I may be able to get my baby to sleep in her cot at night instead of just for naps in the day?

I understand some people may think my baby is refusing the cot because I’ve introduced co-sleeping at night but before I gave into co-sleeping I use to spend nearly the whole night putting my baby down in her cot, trying to soothe her in her cot (but she would get so angry to the point of being sick) so then I’d pick her up, soothe her and then try placing her down again and this went on for weeks.. up until the point where I had to try something else due to being exhausted.

I know my baby is still really young and we both are still learning (FTM here) but sometimes I just feel like an awful mum seeing her so so unhappy at night when it comes to her cot. I just want her to have a safe sleeping environment instead of in my bed sad

Many thanks

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SleepingStandingUp Mon 18-Jan-21 01:14:15

Sympathy op, mine are 13 months so I feel you.

Any signs of reflux? Silent reflux?
When she sleeps with you does she use a pillow?
Is she warm enough in cot?
Does she go down with a bottle?

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