How much sleep does an 8 month old need?

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GTMartinez Sun 17-Jan-21 08:26:12

Hi, I’m sure this has been posted on by countless parents - but I just want to hear other mum’s real experience, rather than what I’m reading ‘should’ be happening.
My baby girl is on the 125th percentile for height and weight; 13kgs and 80cm at 8 months. Was born 5kgs (10.1bs) so I’m not sure if the regular rules apply?
She has never slept through, always needing 2 or 3 feeds a night and bouncing on the yoga ball.

She gets put down around 7:30/8pm and gets around 9.5 hours a night when you deduct her awake time, and naps for a max of 1 to 1.5 hours during the day (if we’re lucky!)
She’s teething and has had a bit of a cold which she’s over the worst of and luckily, neither really seem to have affected her too badly.

She has dark circles permanently under her eyes and wakes up from sleep and naps crying a fair amount of times indicating she’s not well-rested. If we try and rock her back to sleep she resists and doesn’t go back ro sleep.

She eats cereal for breakfast, a puréed veg and protein lunch and fruit/cereal for dinner plus her milk with all three and perhaps some milk in between (as sometimes it’s 5 hours between ins meal and the next).
She continues to wake at midnight and 4am for feeds.. so I’m just wondering if she’s hungry or if it’s out of routine, and how I can get her to sleep better and achieve these magical 14 hours of total sleep she apparently “should” be getting?

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