1 year old Early rising, please help

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Stacii Sat 16-Jan-21 18:05:03

Thank you pineapplejuice can I ask how you cracked the 1 nap with an early riser? I've invested in a gro clock but think hes too young still... he doesnt drink his bottles kn the day, even his bedtime bottle he does drink both 7oz bottles during the night though so I figured he needs them. Will look into cutting the night feeds

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Stacii Sat 16-Jan-21 17:57:21

20viona I had a feeling that might be the answer but I have no idea how I can even try when hes exhausted by 7.30am confused

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20viona Sat 16-Jan-21 13:45:58

Drop to one nap

pineapplejuice22 Sat 16-Jan-21 13:41:52

You poor thing! I had an early riser and it's hell. He's now nearly 2.5 and he's up at 7 most days so hang on in there. I think around 1 we dropped to one nap which was pretty much consistently at 12. This did start at 11 initially but managed to push it later and later over time. Also, cut out the feeds. They don't need them at this stage- I BF mine so not sure how it works with bottles but I'd imagine cutting down to 1 and then 1/2 then 0. Fill him up with porridge before bed. It's so hard and you must be exhausted but it does get better. I really rate Lucy Wolfe sleep consultant so check her out on Instagram. Good luck- this too shall pass!

Stacii Sat 16-Jan-21 13:35:00

Hi all,

I am sooo tired. My 1 year old has started waking at 4.30. Hes always woke early but I used to complain at 5.20?! It's gotten earlier and earlier.

He has only gone down to 2 naps in the last couple of months, he would get to 4ish and be falling all over the place, so had a 30 min power nap. Since late nov/early dec, he has 2 naps. He cant last past 3 hours from wake for the 1st, then 3.5 for the 2nd. Bedtime is usually 4 hours after 2nd nap wake. Whether he goes to sleep at 6.30 or 8.30, hes up before 5.

I think he is having too much day sleep but I'm struggling to cement times due to ever changing wake times.

Fyi he has every negative sleep association possible, rocked to sleep with lullabies and a shushin machine.

He also still has 2 night feeds, bottles, approx 9PM and 2am.

He had a huge inguinal hernia which meant I have had to try my best to prevent crying for his entire life. It was repaired a couple of days ago so as soon as he is recovered I intend on sorting out the mess I've made hmm

He also sleeps in my bedblush

Routine is roughly:

4.30 wake
7.30-9 nap
12.30-2.30 nap
6.30 bed

Please, does anyone have any ideas on where/how to start?

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