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babyneversleptthrough Sat 16-Jan-21 06:00:31

My baby is nearly months and still up every 4 hours looking for milk. She is awake from 4am it's killing us. We have another small child so cannot nap in the day. Are there any sleep training programs anyone recommends. Gina Ford isn't helping. Thanks I'm sooooooo tired.

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babyneversleptthrough Sat 16-Jan-21 06:01:07

Nearly 9 months* sorry very tired

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Happycow Sat 16-Jan-21 07:01:13

We used controlled crying after our 13month old was stirring (needing intervention from us) between 3 and 7/8 times a night, plus 1 feed then waking for the day at 5.15am.

Worked in 3 nights, although i was very skeptical to say the least on day 1!

I think 1 feed a night for 9mo would be pretty normal. Do they want a feed at 4am? I guess so. I dont think that they NEED feeding every 4hrs at 9 months if they are eating well, can you try and space out the feeds (eke out another 20mins between feeds each night? And if thats ok maybe try CC for the times between feeds?

thatonehasalittlecar Sat 16-Jan-21 07:49:28

Try having your partner settle them when they wake up, instead of you (I’m assuming you’re the one feeding). My baby wouldn’t settle without a feed for me, but will for my partner. It’s still early days but we are getting longer stretches each night (so far).

I wouldn’t mention GF on here. 😆

MoodyMarshall Sat 16-Jan-21 07:59:41

This is really normal OP.

If you're breastfeeding, you could try the Dr Jay Gordon method (google it) but it's not recommended until 1 year.

My four year old still doesn't sleep through, and both my children are early risers (4 and 8).

MaMaD1990 Sat 16-Jan-21 08:07:07

Normally I'd recommend Jo Frost because it worked wonders for us. But if your DC is hungry it wouldn't be suitable to sleep train. Perhaps looking at how much she eats in a day and upping the amount or even looking at the time she goes to bed may help.

babyneversleptthrough Sun 17-Jan-21 12:47:28

Hey everyone
Sorry for lack of response I was like a zombie yesterday. I started nodding off when I was sitting doing done arts and craft with my elder child while the baby napped. It so hard!

I should have mentioned that she's formula fed. My first was breast fed but this one wasn't having it and has always been difficult to feed. She's fussy. She tends to get distracted once she tummy is not full but more satisfied so won't drink the whole bottle unless she's ravished. I'm trying to wean her and it's not going great either. It has to be super smooth or she chokes. If its fruit she will eat it if it's savoury she retches until she throws it all back up. It's a nightmare. I've resorted to pouches because it's smoother. She also has a poop blow out every day. As I write this it's probably all connected. I feel if she ate well she would sleep through.
Interesting you all say this is normal. My other girl slept through from 3 months and ate well but was difficult in other ways. She's literally cried all waking moments. Being a parent is hard! Both my girls have been so hard.

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Sandrine1982 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:33:39

Hi OP. Sorry to hear that. We had a similar situation. 8-9 months DD had a massive regression (progression ;) and then another one at 11 months. The first year was a write-off in terms of sleep. Things only started improving from around 12 months when she started walking properly and attending nursery. She started doing longer stretches at night and occasionally sleeping through the night !!! (In my dictionary, that means at least 9h without me and the boob). We didn't have to do any radical sleep training, but we always worked on trying to teach her to fall asleep on her own and self settle.
So we:
- put her in the cot drowsy but awake
- tried not to breastfeed every time she woke up (it was hard!)
- tried putting her back in the cot if she woke up before 4-5am (after that time she would only stay in my bed)


Good luck

User24689 Sun 17-Jan-21 15:44:11

Every 4 hours is only twice a night, or once if up at 4am? It really is very normal. My eldest slept through from 10 months and my youngest has just started reliably sleeping through at 3 years. At 9 months he was up two hourly.

The early rising is very hard work I know, I've been through it myself and sympathise. Especially when you're also dealing with a toddler. What time does he go to bed and can you also go to bed early to get the sleep in? If you sleep from 9 you will get 7 hours with one wake up which should be manageable?

If you post his routine I might be able to offer some advice? Also how much formula does he have, how is he going with solids?

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