Transition from 3 to 2 naps

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Kuminss Fri 15-Jan-21 15:27:45

Hi everyone!

First time mum here, I had question about transition from 3 to 2 naps.
My baby girl is nearly 6 month, 3 weeks and 2days to be exact grin.
She has stopped going down for a last nap for good few weeks now. I still try every day just in case she needs it and sometimes she does goes down for cat nap.
So I actually have few questions.

How long would you try to put your baby down for 4pm nap, I usually try 30 min.

If she doesn't go down, do you move bed time to 5:30pm? Previous wake from nap is 2:30pm.

When you do extend wake times between naps and move bed time closer to avoid overtired baby for 7pm bed time. How long do you stay with these new times for naps and new bed time? What do you do after that, do you slowly start moving back naps to previous nap times? Because 5h is way too long for her to last at this age, but 3h will be too short soon enough.
I bet there is easier way to deal with it and I'm just overthinking it now.
Thank you for advice!
Have a lovely evening.
Keep safe!star

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20viona Fri 15-Jan-21 15:35:18

That's a lot of questions and a lot of overthinking. Naps are just a Try and see what happens situation really - It all depends of what time she wakes up in the morning and goes to bed. I aim for bedtime at 7 and at her age it would of been no naps after 4pm. So I'd try naps 10am and 2pm.

swaziscot Fri 15-Jan-21 15:38:34

At that age my baby went to bed at 7pm. He had a morning nap and an early afternoon nap. I stopped his morning naps when he started waking up at 4.30/5am.

Emmaaa1990 Fri 15-Jan-21 22:12:16

My baby did this!

We just went for it as she was refusing and it was a task so we moved bedtime forward. She does a morning nap around 9 this varies in length but then she can usually get to 12.30-1pm and we go for that second nap in a hope she gets to at least 2! (She's 8 months old) then she goes to bed most of the time at 5.45 sometimes 6 and sleeps til 6-6.15 most mornings! It's early but she is doing 12 hours really so can't complain! Just trial it, watch wake windows and follow your babies lead, it will work out.

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