16 week regression?!

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Cleaninglady49 Fri 15-Jan-21 10:05:38

Hi all
Looking for some advice, my 16 week old little ray of sunshine has now decided to wake every hour at night. Previously he was sleeping about 2/3 hours at a time then needing a feed. He got some immunisations at the start of the week and is also teething so I’m wondering could it be something to do with that?! His cries seem different to before and can quickly escalate into a loud frantic cry. Sometimes I can calm him to down and walk/rock him back to sleep but when he gets really worked up I just need to breastfeed him. I’m absolutely exhausted and new to all this, has anyone got any tips?

Might be worth mentioning that I’ve also just recently been trying to get him into more of a routine with his daytime naps, could that be impacting his nighttime sleeping?! We tried the cry out method too only the once though cause I couldn’t handle it 😫😭

Last thing would giving him a bottle of formula milk in the evening help him sleep longer? I’ve tried expressing but wasn’t getting much and it was taking so long to get a full bottles worth.

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LBB2020 Fri 15-Jan-21 13:10:13

4 month regression!
Please don’t leave your baby to cry it out, he’s tiny still!
Babies sleep isn’t linear, it gets better and worse with development leaps, growth spurts and regressions.
Just enjoy the good sleep when you get it!

pjani Mon 18-Jan-21 17:58:03

I'm in a similar situation,baby is now 21 weeks and waking around 6 times a night. It's awful. To be honest I do think a bottle of formula before bed would help. I tried but have a bottle refuser.

Last time I had an awful.sleeper too and it only got better at 8 months when I night weaned and swapped to formula ,(not for that reason).

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