Night time toilet training

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cooper82 Fri 15-Jan-21 09:29:46

My DD has been out of nappies for a year but has still been going to bed with nappy pants on for bedtime. My DD is 3.5 and sleeps very well most evenings. She sleeps so well infact that we've not yet tried to get her out of nappy pants as in the morning they are often quite wet.

Our first step was to stop giving her water before bedtime and if she wakes in the night and wants water, we persist with not giving her any water (despite her crying for it).

I'm really just looking for some advice on how best to approach the bed wetting in the night when DD sleeps all night?

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olderthanyouthink Fri 15-Jan-21 09:46:55

It's partly just luck of when but also sometimes they wake up and just pee in the nappy because it's there. Can you check the nappy through the night to see when it gets wet?

DD day trained then decided nappies were the devil so has slept with out them, she isn't dry at night but fairly god and has dry nights sprinkled with single accidents and then there are complete disaster nights. I was wearing pull ups till about 11 and so was DP, DD rejected them at about 1.5yrs. It is "normal" to wet the bed for a long time.

Thatwentbadly Fri 15-Jan-21 09:48:13

You can’t night time train. She will be dry when she starts releasing the right combination of hormones which may take up to the age of 7.

Coriandersucks Fri 15-Jan-21 09:50:18

Yes I thought night time dryness was more down to hormones than training. Why the rush? And I wouldn’t be denying water if she’s crying for it...

cooper82 Sun 17-Jan-21 15:46:28

I honestly didn’t know it was hormonal. How do you know when the child is ready?

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Forestdweller11 Sun 17-Jan-21 15:56:48

Yup it's hormones. You just sort of know - when they start being dry all night really! There's nowt you can do to speed up the process. So don't restrict fluid or wake them up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. It's common, and drs won't investigate until about age 7. There's a web site called if you want more information.

Thatwentbadly Sun 17-Jan-21 18:44:10

Their nappy/pull up will be dry in the morning for a couple of weeks.


Thatwentbadly Sun 17-Jan-21 18:45:20

It’s interesting that sleeps well as children as good sleepers tend to produce the hormone later.

cooper82 Mon 18-Jan-21 10:50:19

Thanks everyone. Will just keep DD in nappy pants for the moment then.

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Cowgran Mon 18-Jan-21 11:04:58

As others have said it is hormonal. When she is ready she will wake up dry or wake up asking for the toilet. Please don't prevent her from having a drink if she is thirsty in the night.

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